3 easy steps to market your photography business using Pinterest

Topic: Marketing, Website & SEO
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) is an ever-growing and popular social media site where users can virtually “pin” their favorite images, articles, tips & tricks to their “boards”. Users follow each other allowing your pins to go viral as your friend list grows. Let’s get into the fun stuff next!



Step 1: Get More Exposure for Your Business by Pinning

Pinterest makes marketing your business quick and easy! You can download a “Pin It” widget for all of your social media sites, websites and blogs making Pinterest an ideal way to display your work on your pin boards quickly. If you are a user with a vast following, your work will go viral in minutes! Your followers will see your pins and once they pin it themselves, all of their followers will see it as well!

Pinterest has a wonderful page called “Pinterest/Goodies” located here: http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/#button_for_websites that offers a vast assortment of widgets, plug ins, iPhone apps and artwork for your sites.

Be incredibly selective when choosing your pin descriptions! Google can be a real, ahem…so choose your keywords wisely! Do use a link to your website in your description to drive your referral links up, in turn, driving your SEO up. Do NOT flood your description with repeated keywords; Google doesn’t play nice when doing so.

So what have we learned so far? Get your behind on Pinterest, create lots of inspirational boards, set out a call to action to your followers to get them to you on Pinterest and pin your little hearts away using descriptive keywords that will help drive your SEO up! Ready to move on? Let’s get to it!


Step 2: Contests & Promotions

I recently held a Pinterest contest where I put out a call to action to my fans to:

    1. Follow me on Pinterest.
    2. Create a Pinboard and pin my images, location ideas, fashion inspiration, etc… for their ideal photo shoot.
    3. Include my website in the description of each pin.
    4. Post a link to their Pinboard on my Facebook wall.

When it came time to judge the contest, I simply went through everyone’s boards and chose the most creative Pinboard to win a free family session! It was a huge success, drove my referrers to my website up tremendously, and I noticed a significant drop in my bounce rate on my website due mainly to the number of local followers who were now aware that I existed! Win/Win!

Another fantastic way to market your business on Pinterest is to create a promotion for a special discount or freebie using a pin on your Pinboard. Set forth another call to action to have your clients and fans head over to your Pinterest boards and claim their prize! Market it to Make It!


Step 3: Use Pinterest to Keep Your Clients Interested

Through your website, Facebook page, and blog ask your clients and fans to pin your images along with other inspirational pins on their boards. This could be as easy as setting up a board for their ideal family portrait shoot, fashions, location ideas, posing, etc…

Constantly updating your Pinterest boards and linking to them on your Facebook page or blog will keep your clients and fans interested and active on your site(s). Don’t be afraid to get a little personal. When your customers learn more about you and what sets you apart from the pack, they are more inclined to stay connected!

Using Pinterest to market your photography business is really a no brainer. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun! Let your creative mind wander to come up with new and exciting ways to market yourself using Pinterest! You won’t regret doing so!

Thanks to Stacy for this guest blog post!