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Sales Bundle

Sales Bundle

Sales Bundle

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This bundle is specially created for protecting your photography business and clients during sales made after your session. Perfect for in-person sales consultation, along with Zoom and passive sales. This bundle includes a product delivery agreement, invoice form, payment plan contract, credit card authorization form, final sale contract, permission to sell photographs, copyright card & album design contract!


Credit Card Authorization Form - This form creates an authorization by Client to allow Photographer to automatically draft from any credit card.  Outlines responsibilities and penalties as well.

Payment Plan Contract - This agreement outlines all of the responsibilities, deadlines and consequences of a payment plan for products added onto collection or purchase not outlined in original services agreement. 

Product Delivery Agreement - This agreement is utilized at final delivery of products to ensure clients acceptance of products and remind that all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Invoice Form - This form acts as an fill-in-the-blank invoice (can be done digitally or printed and filled in) for easy ordering

Final Sale - The Sales Contract is for use at the sales session to protect the sale. This can be used to prevent any issues with clients amending or attempting to cancel order after it has been placed.

Permission to Sell Photographs - This agreement allows the Client to provide the Photographer permission to sell photographs from their photography event to private third-parties.  It also acts to define uses, restrictions on purchasers and specific images that are sold to third-parties. (For example: Parents of the bride/groom, wedding party participants)

Copyright Card - Are you using the appropriate language to inform, educate and remind your client of the copyright information already outlined in your contract?  This document provides a gentle reminder to clients to help protect your art.

Album Design - 
This agreement outlines the procedures, ordering dates, design approvals, design modifications and applicable fees and/or costs that may be associated with changes beyond what is included in the collection /album sold.

 Average cost for lawyer drafting: $2,500
This bundle saves you an average of $2,001

    6 products
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    Sale price $499.99 Regular price $2,500.00 Save $2,000.01