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(Pssttt…if you haven’t read the blog there’s hundreds of blog posts about top legal issues photographers face.  Almost every question we’re ever asked about has been blogged!)


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Your answer may be there and be quicker than the team getting back to you! The FAQs has the top questions and tutorials needed to use our products.  Keep in mind that all templates are that..templates. They are completely editable but we encourage you to have local counsel to assist you in any changes. 

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Please note, TheLawTog is not a lawyer-on-demand service. While lawyers are in the group - we can only provide links to resources and are not able to legally advise due to legal ethics laws.

 This group is for you to have an educational discussion with fellow photographers on top legal issues you face today! If you want legal advisement look over there .

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TheLawTog is not a law firm, although we are lawyers! If you need more help please feel free to submit through Rachel's firm. Use the button below. 

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Contracts, Business law , Federal Copyright, State and Federal Trademarks.

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