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Overwhelmed? Stressed?

Step-by-step legal photo biz education is here.

6 months of biz tasks + education!

Can’t afford a lawyer? But scared to get sued? Don’t wanna be fined by the state? Wanna be professional and protected? We get it.

It’s hard making sure you're doing it right. It's also expensive to not DIY things.

This is why we have created this 52 task program to guide you with simple tasks + videos.


Revamp52 - TheLawTog®


Revamp52 is a 52 task (6 month) task tool with accountability and access to TheLawTog® team!

Included in Revamp52:

  • Weekly task tool to tell you what to do
  • 26 page task & resource downloadable PDF
  • Accountability
  • Monthly videos from TheLawTog
  • BONUS: Access to the exclusive TheLawTog® VIP group for one year.

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     If you have any of the following thoughts then you need our help!

    “’I’m overwhelmed by everything!”
    “I don’t know where to start!”
    “I have so much to do, so I do nothing!”
    “I don’t know what needs done!”

    Like an underpaid and overworked employee, you end up working long days “grinding” away on low-value tasks that prevent you from having a life and reaching success in your photography business.

    If you are a photographer, nothing will slow you down more than the endless distractions with facebook group, presets, new equipment releases and more! But none of that is going to drive your photography business forward.

    I will tell you every single week what you need to do. Whether you’ve been in business for ten years or you’re new – we could all use a little revamp and some accountability.

    Topics included:

    • Legal biz set up
    • Marketing actions
    • Business strategy
    • Planning + implementation
    • Taxes
    • Website
    • Branding
    • Social Media
    • Social Proof
    • Newsletter + Email
    • Pricing
    • Client Management + Automation
    • and more!

NOTE: This is NOT just legal. This is tasks from a lawyer AND business strategist with the most overlooked tasks in business.  This is not a full educational course - for in-depth education and help please enroll in BizRevamp or one of our niche topic educational courses.



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    • Weekly task tool to tell you what to do 
    • 26 page task & resource downloadable PDF
    • Accountability
    • 6 months of access to Exclusive VIP community group
    • Monthly videos from TheLawTog - accessible for 6 months
    • 6 months of access to TheLawTog team

    Revamp52 is accessible 24/7 via our online portal - internet connection required. Videos & VIP group include 6 months of access. The 26 page task & resource PDF is downloadable and reusable for the life of your business.