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It's hard to run a business properly. It's also expensive to not DIY things. If you're looking for quick + easy business improvement without taking a lengthy education course, this is for you!

We have created this 52 week task based program to guide you with tasks, videos + accountability.

Instant, 24/7 access

On-demand videos so you can quickly go through, understand, and absorb the material.

Business tool download

26 page task &
resource downloadable PDF 

Intimate support

Leverage our VIP facebook group for community + TheLawTog team support!

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Revamp52 Includes:

  • 52 weeks of biz tasks
  • 26 page task & resource downloadable PDF 
  • Videos from TheLawTog®
  • BONUS: Access to VIP Community
Revamp52 - TheLawTog®



Running a business is a rewarding journey, but it can be overwhelming. The thought of time-consuming courses or expensive outsourcing might deter you from taking action. That's where Revamp52 comes in – a game-changer for entrepreneurs like you!

We understand that your time and resources are valuable. That's why we've crafted this 52 week program to provide you with quick, effective, and affordable solutions. No need for lengthy education – our approach is all about actionable results.

📋 52 Weeks of Business Tasks: Dive into our comprehensive task list, carefully designed to cover every aspect of running a successful business.  Each week you'll receive a list of short tasks to complete to level up your business this year. 

Topics include:

  • Business Protection
  • Taxes
  • Website
  • Branding
  • Future Planning
  • Social Media
  • Social Proof
  • Marketing
  • Newsletter & Email
  • Pricing
  • Client Managerment & Automation

🎥 In-Depth Video Guides: Learn the ropes from Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog®, making complex concepts easy to understand and implement.

🚀 Streamline Your Business: In just one year, you'll transform your business operations, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently.

🗓 Community Support: Need extra help? We've got your back! Join our exclusive education community for help from TheLawTog® Team + other students.

Revamp52 is your shortcut to business success. It's time to take control, make improvements, and see real results without the hassle of lengthy courses or expensive outsourcing. Join us today and watch your business thrive! 

Unsure if you're ready to commit? Take a peek at the curriculum and sample video from Revamp52 here.

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•52 weekly tasks to guide you in what to do
•26 page task & resource downloadable PDF
•Access to Exclusive VIP community group
•Monthly videos from TheLawTog

Revamp52 is accessible 24/7 via our online portal - internet connection required. Videos & VIP group include 52 weeks of access. The 26 page task & resource PDF is downloadable and reusable for the life of your business.