Top 9 legal tips for your photography business

Nov 19, 2018

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 25 Minutes
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We know, you just want to take gorgeous photos. You really wish all this legal stuff would just fade away into the background.

But, we want to help you make sure you’re protected! Which means, we want to help you make sure you’re educated on the legal aspects of your photography business!

So where do you start? Here’s a collection of our top 9 legal tips for your photography business!


Without further ado, here are 9 tutorials to help your business get and stay legal:


Let’s dig a little deeper!


Should my photography business be an LLC?

Sometimes, it just seems too hard to make a decision about what kind of legal entity your business is or should be. We break all the whys and hows of forming your photography business a limited liability company down into easy to understand and step by step information! We also talk about how not making a decision is still making a decision when it comes to choosing a business entity. To LLC or not to LLC, this is the question.


Why sharing photography contracts is a BAD idea for your business!

We know you mean well – sharing might even seem like caring, but there are some GOOD reasons why sharing photography contracts with other photographers is a BAD idea for your business! We are all about having your back. Explore why sharing is NOT caring!


How to form a partnership in your photography business

We talk about different types of partnerships and what they mean for your business in practical terms.


3 ways NOT knowing intellectual property laws can bite your biz in the butt

We know it can all seem a bit overwhelming – after all, you got into the photography business to take photos not to take a crash course in all things legal. But, here’s the thing, investing time in learning intellectual property basics can be the difference between you getting paid to do what you love to do – take great photos – or losing it all. Let’s protect that butt and your biz!


Does the cooling off rule apply to photographers?

Do you know about the cooling off rule? Do you know for certain if it applies to your photography business or if and when it applies? Did you know there’s a dollar amount threshold? This is a particularly important article for those photographers who rely on IPS (in person sales)! Let’s get you all the hot facts so your business doesn’t freeze because of a failure to understand the cooling off rule!


What type of lawyer do I need for my photography business

You wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon when you need brain surgery. The same goes for seeking out and engaging an attorney for your photography business! This article explains what to look for when seeking out an attorney for your photography business!


The top 4 legal mistakes that every small business owner makes

If you really want to cut to the chase and make sure you are covering the most important bases – this article is where you want to start! Seriously, start here and then read all of the other articles on this list. Sometimes you gotta eat the frog one bite at a time!


5 Legal potholes photographers can avoid (but don’t!)

You know when you do something over and over again how you start to become numb to some of the challenges or problems? Well, sometimes even if you’ve been in the photography business more than a hot minute that doesn’t mean you aren’t overlooking some important legal “potholes”! You’ve got this and we’ve got your back with a little road repair!


Should photography contracts be signed with your name or business name?

File this as one of those things that might seem trivial but can have long-lasting and potentially negative implications for your business if you get it wrong! So, let’s figure out how you should sign your photography contracts and why!


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