Top 14 tips for photographers just setting up their business (Part 1)

Jan 16, 2019

Topic: Business Planning
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Calling all Photographers just setting up business: So you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level? You’re ready to start your photography business?!

This is such an exciting time. We are happy for you and we want you to be educated and equipped to establish your business on the right legal and business footing. We know sometimes legal and business topics can seem daunting, but don’t look away. Take your time and work through the articles here and in part two. It will be time well spent! Consider it an investment of time that will likely save you money and help you make good business and legal decisions from the very beginning!


Here are the first 7 articles in this series for photographers just setting up their business:

To give you a sense of what each of these articles is about – they are all helpful we promise – and make a decision about which one to start with, let’s look at each of them one by one!


How to start a photography business (the right way!)

This high-level checklist is great for newer or more established photography businesses to make sure you’re on the path to success. This list will make sure you’ve covered your bases! Get your Get Started Photography Business Checklist!



When should I start charging? Pricing photography

This is such an important question, and one Rachel is asked almost daily. In this article, Rachel lays out some important factors to consider to help you make a good decision for you and your business about when to start charging and how to price your photography. Every situation is different and we want you to be equipped to make an informed decision that sets you up for success and begins your photography business as your means to continue! Show me the money!


The 2 faces of running a photography business

How do you balance it all? Doing justice to both the creative side of a photography business – which is probably why you got into all of this in the first place – and the business side can be a challenge. In this article, Rachel breaks down how you can make sure that you are setting yourself up for success in how you spend your time, and how you make sure you can make a living out of your photography business! I don’t have one best side, all my sides are amazing!


Top 10 photography business issues you can overcome

Nightmare clients, feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list, not sure what will really make a difference in attracting new clients, not charging enough, miscommunication with clients, an outdated or limited portfolio and so many more. In this article, Rachel tackles 10 photography business issues and gives you strategies and tactics you can use to overcome and triumph! Let’s eat that elephant!


4 Cardinal rules to business planning for photographers

You may feel like you are planned out. Everywhere you turn people are claiming to be able to help you plan for the year ahead. But, how do you make sure those plans turn into tangible success? In this article, Rachel walks you through her four cardinal rules for business planning so that you are profitable, balanced and (hopefully) happy! Plan to succeed! 


How using photography contract templates can save you money

Starting up any business is a costly endeavor; this is especially true in the photography industry because of the cost of equipment and technical startup expenses. One way to ensure that you start your business out on the right legal foundations, and save some money, is by using attorney drafted templates. Templates can help you at every stage: from start-up documents, client contract templates, all the way to dissolution of business documents for when you successfully retire from the industry. Save me all the money!


5 Reasons to NOT be a sole proprietorship

So maybe you’re not sure whether you’re going to make it in business and you’re worried about the costs associated with a limited liability company or a corporation. While you may not think you have the money or know-how to be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation, we want to make sure you understand the risks of being a Sole-Proprietor so that you can make a game plan to grow out of that formation. I want to know more!




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