New Photographers – You got a new camera, now what?!

Jan 8, 2019

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 4 Minutes
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First let me say congratulations.

Owning your first camera & starting this journey is so exciting.

Having a talent & a hobby can change someones life.

And documenting life is absolutely fulfilling.

I’m excited to take the journey with you.  Trust me, I’ll be here when you need to learn, when you have a question or just want someone to celebrate with you.

Let’s start with the “don’t” because this can sometimes be more important than the “do”.


When first starting out as a photographer (whether novice or professional) do not do the following:

Don’t Compare

Remember that every photographer starts somewhere. Those before you with more experience may be getting different results and that’s okay. Compare yourself to yourself only. Watch the growth.


Don’t Slack on education

Education is the key to success. Find all the information you can from courses, blogs, workshops & mentorships to help you grow. (click here to bookmark our blog or here to see our educational courses)


Don’t Shoot without a contract

Before photographing someone you must have them sign a contract. Yep, even when you are not yet a company. This is to protect you & them. Trust me, you never know you have an issue until you have an issue. (click here to see our contracts)


Don’t Be fearful

Be Proud. Don’t feel like everyone’s watching you with negativity. I’m watching you with camaraderie and encouragement.


Don’t Over promise

To ensure that you make every session a happy experience never over promise the amount of images someone will receive or the timing of them. Learn what you can deliver. Be honest that you are just starting out in this journey.


Don’t Worry about failure

Don’t get frustrated when you fail. Little failures drive you forward. Stay consistent. ⠀



New Photographers - You got a new camera, now what?!


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