How to learn and progress from your past work

Aug 20, 2012

Topic: Business, Personal
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
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Want to take another journey with me?

It has been a year since I sat down, looked hard, and blogged about my path.  These blog posts are mostly for accountability for myself.  If they encourage just one of you, then the embarrassment of sharing the awful before pictures is so worth it. If no one reads it, that is fine. This is something I have found that helps push me as I work towards the next year’s goals.  2013 is right around the corner. It is daunting to think of creating another business plan, but having progression pictures helps to inspire my goals.

I have the plastic baby (pictured here) and the phrase "NEVER GIVE UP" hanging up in my office. Every time I get stressed, I sit back in my chair and look at it.  I attribute this picture to the revolutionary change in how I viewed myself, my business, and the path that I would take.

Commit to regularly looking at your past work and learning from it.  Progressing is MUCH more than going out and finding a new themed session or new location. It is your personal style, skill, and art that is implemented.  When you look at work of those that inspire you think of these tips:


Ask yourself:

  • What is it I like about this picture?
  • Posing? Location? Background? Processing?
  • Choose 2-3 things in a single photograph to work on.
  • What are possible steps to achieve each of these aspects?



  • Add it to your goal list next time you go shoot.  Screenshot to your phone if you need to.  Write it down. Make it a goal.
  • Solicit someone to let you shoot for free. Yes free. Free session = Free art. It allows you to be free to be yourself.  Some may disagree, but I can’t tell you how freeing (pun intended) it is to go out and shoot for you, not for the possible products they’ll purchase or the stress of whether they’ll like the gallery.


There are so many lessons I have learned that I can’t even name them all here. The biggest thing is to commit to the tips outlined above. Being stagnant and going no where just attracts mosquitos – like a stagnant pool of water.  Fresh running water attracts larger animals that partake in the fresh, clean, new water that is always moving.  Do you want mosquitos or bigger animals? Are you going to be a stagnant puddle or a running river?


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