5 Tips to giving great end-of-year client gifts

Nov 15, 2013

Topic: Marketing
Time Investment: 5 minutes
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Tax Deduction Checklist for Photographers


At any time of year, a “Thank You” is the best marketing tool you can have…if you are sincere and thoughtful.  There’s more than just giving a gift though when running a business.

The end-of-year client gift extends and completes the entire photography experience for the clients. It is crucial to put some thought into the timing, type of gift, and investment given.


1.  Evaluate your message

Like anything else in your marketing and business, you should always evaluate the message your gift is sending.  Are you wanting to celebrate the holidays?  Thank them for their business?  Let them know you’re thinking of them?


2. Brand it

I don’t mean put your logo all over it but make sure it carries through the brand that you’ve set up for yourself through your website, social media, and reputation.  Just as with choosing the type of products to offer, the client gift should carry through the branding. (See Choosing your brand)


3. Examine the cost

Like any other costs in business, this should be included in your cost of doing business when determining pricing.  Building the cost into client packages on the front ends reduces it later. Plus, it may qualify as a tax deduction to offset income taxes.


4. Don’t let it get lost in the mail

I don’t mean put tracking on it. I mean, don’t let it get lost in shuffle by sending during peak time for people to receive Christmas cards.  By the time the mail man is delivering mounds of cards and gifts, it is easy for it to get thrown to the side. You want the action to be noticed.


5. Don’t be gimmicky

Now is the time to be subtle. Let the “thank you” be genuine and market for you.  Taking this time of year to push your company and its products will get lost in the onslaught of advertisements being sent out this time of year.


Suggestions for Client Gifts:

  • A simple thank you card
  • Customized Ornaments
  • Calendars
  • Chocolates or candy
  • Sticky Albums (Digital albums)


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