5 tips for managing your business while on vacation

Apr 27, 2012

Topic:  Business
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So this post is to precede my "maternity leave" I will be going on next week. I use this term very loosely as most of y'all know I love to work-on-the-go, and I don't know how to relax. I will be working on limited workshop and 1:1 mentoring hours but am not taking any clients at this time.  It's critical to me that while I technically COULD be pushing and updating statuses, I'd rather have it all preset for me!

Here are my five tips on prepping and running your biz while on vacation!


1. Complete all client orders before leaving

Nothing like checking email while on vacation to have a client be upset because the orders didn't go out in time! PLUS it'll give you peace of mind! I'm all about not having a monkey on my back when I am trying to focus on family. (Notice I didn't say relax ;-) )  If you are waiting on a client for an order, send a reminder email and maybe a nudge that you will be out of office.


2. Keep the social media going

You don't want your marketing to drag because you're not in the office.  Set up for drip campaigns from your blog, twitter or facebook status!  Forward plan the updates you want to auto run.


3. Auto responder & Announcement

Ensure your vacation auto responder is set so people aren't waiting on you!  This can easily be done in your email vacation responder settings. Hand in hand with this, make sure you do announce you will be out of office in case a client may need something from you before you go!


4. Schedule blog posts

Either have your blog content written ahead of time or solicit others to guest blog.  Guest blogging is a great opportunity for YOU and your guest blogger to build your SEO!



Do what?! Yes. Running your own business is hard work. When you have a chance to "get away", get away.  Conventional jobs allow for vacation time when you aren't even allowed to work - do the same for yourself. In the end it will benefit you mentally, in turn, making yourself more productive when you return.


Now I'm going to wish I was sitting in a tropical paradise, but I hope this helps as the summer months are coming!

Don't forget to back up your stuff before you go! I use online backup + external drives!




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