5 Steps to being a more efficient business owner

Feb 24, 2012

Topic:  Photography Business
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: BizRevamp®, Client Issue Email Templates


I'm excited to share with you my top five tips to being more efficient in your daily photography biz.

I have written before about the importance of balancing business and family as well as practical tips that allow me to work on the go.

This past week I attended WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Trade Show in Vegas) and attended many classes.  I particularly enjoyed one with another business nerd, Jared Bauman. Some of these tips were things I already instituted in my biz but were expanded upon while listening to Jared's biz class.


1. Stop Multitasking

This sounds efficient but it's actually NOT!  Turn off Facebook. Pinterest. TV.  While we may think that we're multi tasking and gaining productivity, we're actually losing it.  Commit time to one task and move onto the next!


2. Don't work for more than 60-90 minutes on one task

This is one tip that I gained from Jared that I totally LOVE and totally don't follow - but am making it a commitment to.  Jared spoke on how research states that an individual's productivity declines after 60-90 minutes on one task. So in an effort to be more productive, change up your work day!  Work your allotted time, then move on to something else. Reenergize your brain and give your eyes a fresh restart!


3. Prioritize your to-do list

Rank the things you need to get done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by priority.  Client Inquiries First, Marketing Second, Facebook surfing Third..etc. Sprinkle some smaller to-dos in with bigger ones. You'll feel more accomplished, AND you WILL accomplish more.


4. Template Emails & Client Guides

I discovered early on that I was getting the same emails from clients over and over. I was able to manage expectations and cut down emails by preemptively sending a Client Guide of information when the session is booked.  Also, having template emails allows for a quick copy and paste + adding a few personalized lines to create a fully developed personalized email in minutes, reducing your time spent on emails.


5. Automate

Automate your client emails. It's easy when you either establish a schedule or utilize a program to do this for you. For instance, every two weeks I dedicate Monday to sending out a reminder email to clients for their upcoming session. I utilize my template email, link to client guide and bam! It's done!


I hope these tips will help you be a little more efficient in your business!

The less time we spend working the more time we can spend playing :)


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