4 Tips to making sales without being salesy

Sep 16, 2014

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Getting clients in the door is only half the battle (although that one seems hard enough right?).   Once you have them liking you, your work, and you have delivered – it is time to sell, even if you’re not a salesy type person.

Quite honestly, I hate sales. I’d rather help people, but I know I have to make sales (especially upsells) to keep growing in my business.  So how do I do this?  How do I get uncomfortable and sell without making people feel like they are being sold to?

The best salespeople are those who sell without you realizing it.  Consider politicians: they sell ideas and themselves to you right? And in return you give votes.  If they are a good politician, this happens because they can sell to you, and you buy-in without realizing it until later.  I don’t want my clients to feel sold to.  I’d rather focus on customer service with an underlying goal of sales.

We are all more likely to buy from someone who caters to us, offers us great service, and makes us have a great experience on the service level, than one that is focused solely on sales.  Our clients aren’t blind. They know we are here to sell.  But that doesn’t negate the idea that they still want customer service.

Not saying to give the customer service ONLY to get sales. You should want to give the best service possible and truly from your business.  Sales are just a nice benefit of it.


Tips to Sales Without Being Salesy

Set up your pricing menu to talk for you.  If you’ve done the heavy lifting up front, then the menu choices are set. There is less “sales” action on your part – you can move forward confidently with these other tips by knowing that the minimum monetary investment is managed for you.


Focus clients on what they want. Did you ask what they wanted? What did they say? Focus on those products first. Showing customer service – don’t make the customer sit through an entire “sales talk” (especially if you don’t know what to say in the first place). Show them what they want and what you want them to buy.

Shut up.  Oh yes, it is super easy when we are uncomfortable to keep talking. Let fear take over. Then next thing you know you’re throwing in extras or inadvertently steering the client towards a smaller collection. So say what you have to say. Then shut up.  At this point in negotiations, the next person to talk wins.  (If you’ve seen Catch me if you can with Leo DiCaprio, this is a perfect example!)

ALWAYS follow up.  With just a thank you. That is it. THEN follow up later with prompting for add-ons that they may not have secured during their session.  This shows you were listening and care – if you extend the offer by service, not sales.

Again, you don’t have to be a “salesperson” to your clients to make sales.  Extend all of these with the primary intention of customer service, and the secondary intention of sales. Customer service pays way more than a sales pitch ever will.


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