3 Privacy + Marketing Things Photographers Need To Be Legal On

Apr 18, 2022



As photographers we are in a unique situation - not only do we have the normal business legalities but we are dealing the nuances of copyright laws, photography contracts and privacy laws- including consumer protection of data and advertising combined into one!

In this Coffee & Contracts episode, Rachel Brenke (TheLawTog) outlines three major aspects of legalities that photographers are either reckless avoiding or are simply overwhelmed by.  From model releases to privacy policies to testimonial requests, we are gathering data and private information from our clients that we HAVE to be mindful of in our photography business marketing.


Solutions discussed:


Time Stamps:

:00 Intro

:07 Why privacy/legal is important - Why you need contracts

:15 Model Releases - define/when

:19 - Who should sign model releases

:21 - Family Photography - who can sign?

:25 - Situation -> Client foster children; works with 3 letter agency

:26 - Is declining model release enough?

:28 - Consider selling copyright or sign NDA

:31 Contract signing systems help clients sign easier

:33 Should I charge for not signing model release?

:36 Multiple signature on a single release

:40 Website terms + privacy policy

:44 TLT ahead of game for GDPR

:47 Build client confidence + protect yourself from opposing attorney

:50 FTP -> Affiliate or rep programs

:53 Gift after testimonial to stay legal

:54 Recap


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