10 Tips To A Kicking Facebook Ad

Nov 22, 2015

Topic: Marketing
Time Investment: 6 Minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®


Facebook ads are a fantastic way to generate new leads and book clients.  However, you can waste a lot of money if your Facebook advertisement is confusing, cramming of info, and lacking critical elements.  

Here is a good checklist to use that will promote buyer confidence and display professionalism for your photography business.


#1 Reduce text in the photo

To reduce overwhelming your audience, and getting your ad kicked for being over 20% text, place almost all of your text in the caption area only.  You don’t want the text in the photo and in the caption competing.

This starts to overwhelm the reader and they become anxious to finish skimming and leave because it causes an internal conflict.


#2  Use one photo

Multiple photos are beautiful for photographers and publications, but a singular photo in an advertisement is a stronger pull.  This is particularly true if the photo has strong emotion and/or strong eye connection with the viewer.  Reduce the clutter and make it simple.  If you want to use multiple photos to display a theme, refer to tip #5


#3 Answer all client questions

Need to provide the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.  It is critical to build a buyer’s confidence to book and purchase with you through providing of information.  The more information that is relayed properly will build up their confidence and make the decision easier.

  • Who: Who are you?
  • What: What are you offering? How much does it cost?
  • Where: Where will it be?
    When: When is it?
  • Why: Is there a specific reason? Holiday, end of year, etc. Or maybe just to capture family memories?
  • How: How to get booked

The process of booking is almost as important, if not more important, than the product and service they will receive.  If they have to play 500 questions with you, then they will probably not book as they become anxious and frustrated. Their buying confidence is broken down and gone.


#4 One clear call to action

Make sure that you advertisement has one clear, strong CTA.  People need prompted to take action.  

Simply stating “Limited bookings.” then inserting your phone number is not enough. In fact, it just drops them off. They need the dots connected, if you will.

Tell them to call you. Or tell them to inquire through a specific link. (See making it easy #5).

“Get your glamour session booked before 01/15 through this link. LINK”


#5 Custom link

Have a customized link available that is to a direct page on your site with more complete information (see #3 above!) that couldn’t fit in the advertisement section.  Avoid sending them to your general page link and tell them to “submit”. At that point, there are too many steps for the client and they could “get lost” on the way.  You want to make it as easy as possible.

This custom page can hold the following information:

  1. multiple methods of contact
  2. variety of images to display the theme or aesthetic
  3. longer explanation that would potentially cloud your Facebook ad
  4. testimonials from past clients – social proof books people more than most other advertising actions
  5. Facebook re-targeting pixel to show the ad back into their feed – once they’ve hit this page they’ve shown interest – why not show again to catch those that were unsure? Marketing requires a client to see something multiple times before they’re going to buy into it especially if it’s lacking in information and inspires the buyers confidence.

Note: This is not saying they book through an online system, although they can, this is to provide a better and larger vehicle of information and pull them into your little corner of the web.


#6  Use scarcity

Scarcity sells. But it only works if it isn’t salesy or dishonest. 

Tell your potential ad viewer that there are limited spots, how many remain, and be honest about it.  It is unethical and a deceptive trade practice  to advertise less spots than you have available.

“3 spots of 10 remain”


#7 One method inquiry

Don’t provide them a variety of ways to contact you.  Partnered with your strong call to action, you need one method to contact you.   That’s it.  Once you start saying “555-555 or photography@photography.com or www.photography.com) is when you start to make people feel anxious again.  Overuse of methods of inquiry complicates the advertisement and causes the anxiety mentioned in here. 

It clouds the buyers confidence. Don’t do it.

If you want multiple methods on inquiry, direct them to a singular and tailored informational page (like mentioned in this article) with the multiple ways to contact. If you want to talk on the phone with clients, as you should – require the contact form  on the individualized link to have a phone number. 

 It is okay to have multiple communication channels, but listing them all on an advertisement just clouds the ad and buries the CTA.


#8 Strong sales copy

Advertisements require strong sales copy.  They are not merely relaying information (see #3) they are also leading the clients down the path.

Use this structure to relay information

  • What the money goes to. 
  • What the sessions are about (theme)
  • What they get.
  • How do they book.
  • Call them to book.


Let’s do an example using a photographer offering mini-sessions.  The incentive to get clients to book is that funding will go towards their adoption fund.


“Your Christmas photo session will help to fill our adoption fund!

Christmas mini sessions will be held 12/01 at  Karmer Tree Farm between 9am-5pm.
The fun hot cocoa/whipped cream theme is perfect for couples or families!

For $XXX, you will receive XX minutes of shooting, XX product (value $XXX).

Snag your spot for these exclusive sessions here. (LINK)



#9 Define

Define words that a non-photographer may not understand.  Mini Sessions versus Regular. What is “mini” to them, may not be “mini” to the person giving the session.  Any words that are unknown start to provide uneasiness and questions – preempt that by answering for them ahead of time.


#10 Target properly 

Don’t just blast the ad out to your general local area – try to individualize based on your specific client avatar. 


Bonus: Email your lists with the ad 

Email them with the link and encourage them to share! These people already love you (Hopefully) and they can use this created ad and custom link to spread the word while marketing for you.


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