Why your packaging should be consistent with your brand

Jan 16, 2012

Topic: Marketing
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
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We often talk a lot about marketing & branding over here on TheLawTog blog. This week we're going to go over the importance of carrying over your branding into your print packaging.


Why Package

Imagine, you spend all this time dressing up your family, finding the right photographer, and expend a decent amount of money for this luxury called "customized portraiture"...then you get your product, and it's nothing more than a DVD-R in a jewel case or prints stuffed in a manila envelope.  Where is the end to your experience? Sure, you've got a great product inside that DVD or envelope, but what about the presentation?  There is no reason the end to your experience should be so lackluster.

There is no right or wrong way to package your items (except for needing acid free for prints in case your clients use it as storage)!


How to decide on packaging

Be true to your branding.  Consistency and clarity are key.

Watch your cost.  Evaluate cost per unit and per customer. Set your budget and don't exceed this.

Originality.  Evaluate how you can stand out from others.

Functionality.  What will your clients do with the packaging? Throw it away? Well, that's a waste! Can they readily store their prints in case they are unable to hang them right away?


Examples of Packaging

I was lucky enough to have a few photographers volunteer up their packaging to be displayed on the blog! Check out these gorgeous presentations!


Lindsey Clare Photography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindseyClarePhotography

H-Photo: Kraft Folder and Plum Bella Terra Ribbon
Moo: MiniMoo Cards
WHCC: 5x5 Thank You Cards, 2.5x3.5 Stickers, Business Cards
MpixPro: Custom Printed DVD
American Digital: Square Tin CD/DVD Case
Online Labels: Water Bottle Labels
Hobby Lobby: Kraft Bag, Raffia Ribbon, Navy Blue Ribbon


Megan Kathryn PhotographyLogo- OTSS
Folders & ribbon- RSS
DISC, Stickers, Business Card, & thank you's -Millers
Thank you Design- Coffee Shop


Anna Bartell Photography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annabartellphoto

Cases - Rice Studio Supply
Press Printed Items- Millers
Ribbon and Tissues - Michaels
Templates for Marketing Set - Album Cafe



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