What is the definition of professional photographer?

Mar 15, 2022


Okay, friends - we gotta chat.

This question I'm asking you is a HOT topic that I see a lot in photography circles.  

How do you define Professional Photographer?

There's no question that it's generally believed a professional is one who derives majority of their income from photography clients and is able to sustain a legal business. But it seems that this definition has really evolved beyond just this, especially in "professional" groups.  

In fact, we JUST had this conversation in TheLawTog facebook group and here are some answers...


From working with thousands of photographers over the years, I have seen a direct correlation between legal risk level and the ever-evolving definition of "professional" amongst one another.

I've developed this legal risk assessment to help you determine what your potential exposure is, while simultaneously taking an internal look at whether you fit the industry's definition of professional (if you even want to, that is!)

Take this FREE assessment now- how pro are you?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, then I want to you to jump into our facebook community. Let us know your results plus what you have done (or haven't done) that has put you into this assessment level. 

The goal? For TheLawTog team to freely assist in finding you resources that will help improve your professionalism score and lower your risk!

Let's do this!

-Rachel, TheLawTog

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