Top apps to revolutionize your photography business

Oct 15, 2015

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 5 minutes
Suggested Product: BizRevamp®


Knowing how to use your camera and apply processing to images is only part of the battle.  The other, and perhaps toughest, is keeping your business stuff in order. 

Recently, I polled the awesome members of our Facebook Community for apps that revolutionized their business and have compiled them here for your reference.

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Apps identified with a * are free (at the time this article was written)!

  1. Expensify*
  2. MileWiz * (pro version available for purchase)
  3. Evernote*
  4. Meet Edgar (this is only on the web, but it’s great for populating social media!)
  5. AdEspresso
  6. Later*
  7. Paypal Here* (You only need this OR Square)
  8. Square* (You only need this OR PayPal Here)
  9. InsTrack*
  10. Genius Scan
  11. WordPress*
  12. Swipes*


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