Top 7 tips for protecting your photography business

Nov 26, 2018

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 25 Minutes
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You’re creating a photography business you are proud of, but you want to make sure that as it grows your business is protected!

We are right there with you.


Without further ado, here are 7 tutorials to help you protect your photography business:

Are you ready? let’s dig in deeper so you can start with the articles that are the most relevant to you!


Is your photography business prepared for the unexpected?

If you want to make sure your photography business survives the unexpected, you need to do some work before anything happens that causes you to lose it all. Prevention is much easier and usually cheaper than trying to clean up a mess! Let’s get you ready for the unexpected!


6 Insurance types photographers need

When you spend your time, money and energy into building a business – you need to make sure that you are protecting what you’ve built. Insurance isn’t just one thing. There are different types and you need to know what types of coverage you need and why. We break down how to figure out what types of insurance you need and the questions you need to ask! Let’s “insure” you  


Opening a business bank account for your photography LLC

The money is rolling in but you’re not going to deposit it into your personal bank account….are you? This article explains how to open a business bank account for your photography LLC, and why you need to! Show me the money, baby, and the bank account!! 


Why should photographers care about business entity formation?

When launching a new photography business (or wanting more protection in your existing one), it is cost-effective to make sure your business is on the right legal footing. This means understanding applicable laws, identifying risks, and setting policies and procedures. This article breaks down several types of business entities which are commonly used for photography business formation.


Are your hands shaking because of a customer issue?

Conflict of any kind can be stress-inducing, but when it is a customer, your heart can start racing and hands shaking quicker than you can pick up the phone to call your lawyer! We break down all the preventive must-have and must-do things so that you can deal with customers confidently knowing you are protected! This is more than just steadying your nerves!


5 Tools TheLawTog has that you didn’t know you need

At TheLawTog® we have TONS Of tools from contracts to tax tools and business guides, but did you know we have business tools created just for photographers like you? If you don’t know already, Rachel’s the type of lawyer who wants to prevent issues.  This is because if you’re at the point of legal action from a client or scrambling to pay your bills- you’re spilling out time, money and energy.  Spend more time photographing and less time legaling!


Are you killing it in your photography business?

How do you know if you’re really successful? We see so many photographers killing it with camera skills creating extraordinary images, but then (bad) killing it with lack of business skills. They are bad-killing it by falling into this “it’ll never happen to me” mentality. We’ve got your back – this article will help you kill it in all the right ways and none of the bad ones!


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