TheLawTog attorney prevails against AirBnB in copyright infringement negotiations

Jul 30, 2019

Topic: Copyright 
Time Investment: 3 Minutes 
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Recently, Rachel Brenke, head of TheLawTog® and owner at Connors and Brenke, took on corporate giant, Airbnb, and obtained a very favorable settlement in a large copyright infringement dispute on behalf of international photographer Jiayi Wang.  Not only is this a win for Wang, but this is a win against corporations who believe they can wield their strength of deep pockets against the small business owners and creatives who are simply striving to make a living.

You can read more about this on the law firm's website here.

As a huge advocate for copyright, Brenke actively works to defend the intellectual property of entrepreneurs including photographers.

If you are a photographer and overwhelmed by copyright, snag TheLawTog's FREE copyright guide here.

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