The Professional Photographer's Legal Roadmap

Mar 4, 2022

Setting up and running a photography business legally can be very scary and overwhelming. 

As the industry's go-to legal resource for photography contracts and legal education, we are always listening to your top questions.  Combining top questions, client issues and our legal expertise, we've developed The Professional Photographer's Legal Roadmap to guide you. 

Simply explained - it's broken into legal photography business setup, photography contracts and copyright.



#1 Legal Biz Set-up

  • Proper Entity Creation - Choose the proper legal structure to limit your liability and set your business apart from your competitors.
  • Taxes - Avoid issues with the tax-man by understanding, organizing and remitting proper taxes PLUS how to leverage deductions
  • Marketing Legalities - It is true. You can be marketing illegally so it is important to understand advertising legalities and using proper documents to further your impact.
  • Retirement + Insurance- Select proper insurance for protections and retirement to yourself up for deductions NOW and savings in the future.
  • Intellectual Property - Understand intellectual property ownership (copyright and trademarks) so you can protect + defect your photographs and business brand.

Note: This list is not all inclusive but is a good starting point for you! 



#2 Photography Contracts

There are 4 main levels of photography contract protection to help protect your business.


The essential photography contracts needed create the legal relationship with the client and set expectations.Includes: services contract, model release and print release.

View essential contracts by your specific photography niche here



After the session comes the sales process - whether in-person ordering, virtual meetings or digital downloads.

May need: product delivery agreement, invoice form, payment plan contract, final sale doc, and more!

View sales contracts here



Deciding to outsource business tasks such as editing, assistant work, and even a hair/makeup artist needs legally outlined!

Includes: services contract, non-solicitation of clients, non-disclosure/confidentiality and intellectual property acknowledgement.

View outsourcing contracts here



From portfolio building, to collaborations to online marketing - make sure you're doing it legit!

Includes: referral fee agreements, testimonial forms, website terms, collaboration agreements and more!

View marketing contracts here



#3 Protect Your Copyright

In this ultimate copyright kit, we have compiled all the copyright things you need to know for protecting your photographs.

You will learn how to register and defend your intellectual property through demand letters, DMCAs, settlement agreements and more!

View our Ultimate Copyright Kit here


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