Simplifying the contract process for photographers with Picr

May 17, 2018

Topic: Efficiency 
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
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Simplifying the contract process for photographers

I’m excited to introduce y’all to Picr, an online photography management system. There are a few things I wanted to highlight about how Picr streamlines and simplifies managing your photography business.


Contract signing and invoicing in Picr

Upload your existing contract as a PDF file or copy/paste it right intoPicr to create your contract templates. The best part?  Picr lets you add customizable fields to your templates to personalize the contract for each client. Customizable fields include client name, address, contact info, balance due, etc. No more precious time lost adding client information by hand every time you need to send a contract. Picr will do it for you when you assign that contract to a new project!

Picr’s updated invoice design has a high-end feel.  There is the ability to customize invoice numbers for your projects, especially helpful for those using accounting software. If you are a commercial photographer, you can choose whether the invoice is billed to an individual or a company.  What’s even better– Picr automatically combines each project’s invoice, contract, and signatures into a single PDF document you and your client can download. Plus, to ensure these documents are legally binding, Picr captures and stores the necessary audit trail information (IP address, timestamp, etc.) for signatures and applies this information to the document.


Picr’s a la carte pricing allows you to pick and choose which features you want. No more paying for features you don’t use!

  • Lead Widget ($5/mo) – Capture and nurture leads and live chat with website visitors, helping you get more leads
  • Project Manager ($10/mo) – Create projects, collect payments, sign contracts, and organize your shoots, helping you stay sane and streamlined.
  • Website Builder ($5/mo)– Build a high-converting website to display your images. Our website builder is research-backed, built to help you convert more website visitors by displaying images and information clearly and beautifully.
  • Image Delivery ($5/mo) – Send images to your clients for proofing and/or delivery, helping to streamline the workflow delivery process.

Basically, if you already have a website and/or image delivery/proofing system you use and love, you don’t have to utilize and pay for those features in Picr. Choose the features you want.  Project Manager is where you would create and send your contract templates for signature and invoice clients for payment, and client retention management happens here as well.  The Lead Widget has a great live chat capability. If you need a website or want to have all your business management in one place, simply choose all the features.

Check out Picr here

 *** UPDATE February 2019  Picr is now Bloom!! ***

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