Quit Envying. Start Doing.

Jul 18, 2014

Topic: Personal
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I envy you

“I envy you” said the hotel clerk as she checked us into our room.

I kind of sputtered internally and sideways glanced at my husband. I mean what to do you say? Thank you? I’m sorry? Nothing?

The clerk and I had struck up a conversation about why we were checking out so early, and I had mentioned it was because the triathlon started before the lake-monster even woke up, so I had to be there for the start time. That’s when she said it. “I envy you.”

Luckily I didn’t have to fill the silence with a response that I wasn’t sure was accurate to make. I’m notorious for foot-in-mouth situations, so I was happy she kept talking.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I envy that you can. The only place I run is to the bathroom.”

Of course, I still didn’t know what to say. In fact, I was speechless while trying to figure it out – much to the amusement of my husband who knows that it takes a house of bricks to render me silent.

I finally choked you “I know you can. I don’t know your story but you totally can. I went from couch to 5k then just added the others. You’d be surprised how many out there are new and aspiring to do this just like you. Just check from a local YMCA, they have awesome supportive ones.”

She thanked me for the encouragement and handed me my key. I walked away and wished I hadn’t. I wish I had stayed but I didn’t want to press just in case she had a medical condition or an emotional block to the sport. I mean, just because I’m all gun-ho about swim/bike/run doesn’t’ mean others are. And maybe she was just being nice.

This has gnawed at me ever since I walked away. So much so that I want to send a card to encourage her.

Because there are many business owners that are wanting to take the next step. Whether it is moving into high-priced collections, narrowing of your specialization, or in-person sales.

Or some of you are just wanting to get in business altogether. But feel held back. Much like the clerk. I don’t know her story, but being on this side – I do know that once you make that jump – you’re in.

I encourage all of you to make the jump that may be needed to leverage your business. A lot of times, and I beat myself up for this, by the way, I just have the attitude of “get stuff done” and forget that others may not have the same mindset as me. So for that, I want to encourage you to find the next step to whatever it is in your mind for your business (and life) right now and do it.

-Want that business affiliation? Email that business you’ve been eye-balling as you drive by. Right now.

-Want to shoot a particular session? Draft the details and put out a call. Right now.
Do NOT sit and think as you read “What a fantastic post. I feel inspired. I envy those that can do X. Sigh. Well, time to click over and see what is going on in Facebook.”

Facebook isn’t going to fix your business. It is a tool to bring you information, but you need to take that action. So help me help you.

I feel like I need to help you better. Give you more tangible information. It’s easy for me to get the legal stuff out, because we all know how important it is, but my goal is to give you the actions you need to take. My first step with this is a free In-Person Sales webinar with Chris Scott – happening tomorrow!

Time to quit envying the photographers who make the money they want to make. Their secret? Showing clients what to buy through in-person sales.

I have a few other fun things that will provide more action and direction to ease your anxiety and envy of others. For now, let’s get you registered into this Free Webinar and I’ll be back in your inbox soon with the other awesome actionable tips and trainings soon!

Quit envying. Start doing.


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