BlogStomp: A quick and efficient way to post your blogs

Oct 2, 2012

Topic: Business, Efficiency
Time Investment: 8 Minutes
Suggested Product:  All-in-One Contract Bundles


 I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE BlogStomp.  Did I say I love blogstomp? I do! I LOVE Blogstomp!

There are few tools that I love so much that I sing their praises all that time, but BlogStomp and AlbumStomp from StompSoftware have sold me. Between the efficiency each gives me, quality of product, and great customer service - Stompsoftware is a key part of my client workflow. I've included some videos below on how I use them and hope they provide great benefit to your photography business as well!

Video #1:  BlogStomp

Here’s my video tutorial on how to use it and how EASY it is!  This helps me to quickly make my pictures into storyboards, resizes, watermarks and gets them ready for blog upload like *snap*


Video #2:  AlbumStomp


 Video #3:  AlbumStomp + ShootProof





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