Now Available: Copyright Infringement Kit for Photographers

Jul 15, 2018

Topic:  Copyright
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: Ultimate Copyright Kit

Someone stole your images, now what?!

Stop! Breathe!

No rushing to blast anyone on the internet, or sending a take down notice. 

Take your steps and make sure you have a properly drafted letter and settlement agreement ready.  Snag TheLawTog’s now available Ultimate Copyright Kit.

Protecting intellectual property is a real and serious necessity for business owners in this digital age. The idea that anything posted online is “fair game” to be used by others is the result of misconceptions and misunderstanding of intellectual property laws and respect for the creators.

With this copyright infringement kit, intellectual property creators become equipped with information to protect their creations, as well as the steps and legal forms needed to defend intellectual property rights.

Included in this kit:

  • DMCA/Takedown letter template
  • 1 demand letter for registered images
  • 1 demand letter for unregistered images
  • Settlement agreement template
  • Intellectual property ownership form
  • and more!


Snag TheLawTog’s Ultimate Copyright Kit now!


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