I challenge you this Small Business Saturday

Nov 28, 2015

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: All-in-One Contract Bundles



As business owners, it can be so easy to focus on the best deals and money savings you can get.

But today – on Small Business Saturday – I challenge you to support local.
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Support other businesses who are trying to….
….make ends meet (just like you).
….achieve their dreams (just like you).
….reinvest in their business for growth (just like you).
Be smart in your purchases this holiday season – but be even smarter by INVESTING these funds in another small business – instead of just spending it.
I’m not anti-large company at all. I just know first-hand the positive and successful impact we could all have on one another if we looked around locally and invested in other business owners.
All year long you guys hear me preaching about the importance of business affiliations, as it grows our business and others. Supporting others on SBS is another way to further this service to others who are seeking “the dream” like we are.
Even still, be smart in your purchases. Don’t spend for the sake of spending.
Maybe you don’t have the money to spend – give a local biz owner a call and see if you could volunteer some time in their retail shop today – even an hour or two may help.
Or maybe you don’t have an item you need to buy right now- look at snagging a gift card. I like to purchase local gift cards as gifts for teachers, friends and clients – that I can store up and just pull out of the drawer if needed.
I encourage you all to go and shop small business – don’t stay home. Support, invest (action or money), and encourage.

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