FAQ: Photography Contracts

May 28, 2014

Topic: Contracts
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Over the last few years TheLawTog has published many tips on photography contracts for photographers.  

Here is a selection of the more popular ones – all in one place for you!

  1. Contracts 101
    A good contract is essential for a great photographer/client relationship. Truly, by clearly articulating the duties and obligations of each party and outlining the expectations of both parties, you can be rest assured that everyone will be on the same page! However, you, as a photographer, must understand the elements of a legal contract and how these elements interact. 

  2. Contracts 102
    Contracts 102 breaks down not just what is in the contract, but who you are contracting with and who has rights as under the contract! This article talks about third party rights (think contracting with mom & dad for their daughter’s wedding photography) and whether minors can enter into contracts. 

  3. Are digital photography contracts legal?
    This article breaks down what is needed for a contract delivered and/or signed digitally to be legal! This article discusses the differences between legally signing a contract and what it takes for the contract to be legally enforceable. Rachel also shares how you can assess which is the best platform for digital contracts for your photography business.

  4. 5 ways to avoid client conflicts with contracts
    Client conflict is bound to happen or try to rear its ugly head during the course of your photography career.  We don’t need to let it.  We can work together to ensure that it stays away or at least alleviate some of the ugly results that may arise out of conflict.   In business we want to keep the ocean as smooth as possible but not be a doormat to our clients either.  Implement these five ways to avoid conflicts with your photography clients to be able to stand firm on policies but also offer a great customer experience.

  5. To use “deposit” or “retainer” in your photography contract
    A deposit/retainer policy is essential contract policy for a successful photography business. In this article we discuss why you should be requiring a payment upfront, why the terms "retainer" and "deposit" are not interchangeable and how your deposit/retainer policy should be worded.

  6. Why sharing contracts is bad for your business!
    We know you mean well – sharing might even seem like caring, but there are some GOOD reasons why sharing photography contracts with other photographers is a BAD idea for your business! We are all about having your back. Explore why sharing is NOT caring!

  7. Using contracts to make sales
    Not only can your contract protect you legally, it can also be used to make more money. In this article we discuss two simple contract provision strategies that are great ways to add to your bottom line!

  8. Haggling and Bickering – the need for service contracts
    Contracts are an invaluable tool in growing and developing your business. They ensure a good relationship with your clients and help preserve your reputation. Here we discuss what constitutes a basic contract and how to construct the best possible contract. 

  9. Dispelling photography contract myths 

    If you’ve read some of the articles above, you now understand a contract in its most simple form, and you have a better idea of how to construct a contract and some of the essential terms and conditions for your contracts. However, we are sure that you’ve encountered a variety of opinions and conflicting information about contracts in your journey throughout cyberspace – we want to break down some of the more prevalent myths. Rachel shares what she considers to be the top four contract myths she encounters!

  10. How Using Contract Templates Can Save You Money (and time!) 
    Starting up any business is a costly endeavor; this is especially true in the photography industry because of the cost of equipment and technical startup expenses. One way to ensure that you start your business out on the right legal foundations, and save some money, is by using attorney drafted templates. Templates can help you at every stage: from start-up documents, client contract templates, all the way to dissolution of business documents for when you successfully retire from the industry. Save me all the money!

  11. How to cancel a photography contract 
    Sometimes life happens, sometimes a client is difficult or you cannot work with each other, and sometimes a client doesn’t follow through on a payment plan – there are many reasons why you might need or want to cancel a photography contract. We break down some common scenarios and how to go about canceling a photography contract – step by step!

  12. Photography Contract timeline
    Your client is ready to book! Now what? Do I start with a model release first or the main contract? Take a deep breath! We have created an easy to follow timeline view of the legal contracts needed in your business!

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