How to maximize the use of one location

Oct 18, 2011

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  Property Use Agreement

Finding awesome locations with great light is fantastic. Utilizing the same location to rock an entire session, FREAKING AWESOME!  I challenge you to stop looking for great locations. Look for great light and maximize the ONE spot.

Here's some tips on how to do it.


Shoot different times of day.

Morning and Evening light have completely different color and direction of light!

Know your location and the feel you're going for.

Shoot various angles.

Walk around your client and snap pictures. Sure, you may not like every angle in the LCD screen; but you never know...once it is in your computer, you might love it!

Get creative - shoot THROUGH things.

Weird huh? Shoot through rails, tree branches, shrubbery.  This helps to create depth and intrigue.


The most important part of the photograph is the art that you put into it. Be you. Take one location and make it YOURS.  I see other photographers using the same locations as me. I'm not tooting my horn or putting anyone down when I say this, but their photographs aren't mine. My photographs aren't theirs. We all have different art. Different style. Different editing. So be you!

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