How to get proper in-camera shots

Apr 30, 2012

Topic: Tutorials
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  All-in-One Contract Bundles


Here are some tips on how to nail it in camera! Most of you reading my blog come for business and marketing tips, but I promise stick with me.  By implementing a better in-camera strategy, you will maximize your time, efficiency, and money to reach another level of biz.


Proper Exposure

While we’re in the digital age, it’s so easy to check exposure and delete if we are wrong.  Back in the day of film it was too expensive to mess around.  So dedicate time to learning how to achieve proper exposure. I personally encourage people to get into Manual mode where you can manipulate aperture, shutterspeed, and ISO all on your own.  Recognizing the need and how to achieve exposure is half the battle to nailing it in camera.


Custom White Balance

There are many ways to set custom white balance but it is so critical to getting your picture as close to true colors as possible.  On the market there are many tools such as grey cards, ExpoDisc, etc.  Not sure how to do this? Dig out your manual, it’ll show you.  


Nailing Focus

Nailing focus where it should be is another way to produce a technically correct photograph. Back button focusing and toggling of focus points are two ways you can achieve this. Don’t just let the camera chose your focal points and pray they hit the subject properly. Take control!



While Photoshop can help fix a composition after the fact, shoot purposefully so minimal post processing is needed!


Note: This isn’t all inclusive of the ways to nail your in-camera shots. Takes practice, patience and time. If you are just learning how to get into manual mode and into photography, I strongly suggest learning each of these. Doesn’t matter where or how long it takes. You will thank me later. I accept thank yous in the form of candy and frosted animal crackers….

Think before you click.  Shoot purposefully. Take time to frame and hit all the above things. Back in the days of film you HAD to be purposeful, let’s keep that same idea going!


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