5 Ways to Get Exposure for Your Photography Business

Jun 29, 2012

Topic: Marketing, Website & SEO
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®, Website Terms


One of the things I am asked most frequently is how do I get so much exposure.  Honestly? I just go for it.  That’s pretty much my attitude with everything in my life.

If I want something, I make sure it happens, or else exhaust all possibilities to obtain it.

I have many blogs on marketing (on and offline) and business, so this is kind of a culmination of them all.  Your efforts are only good if they are recognized by clients.


#1. Blog or update social media regularly

One of the things I have found that engages clients and photographers more than just photographs is blogging actual content!  Striking a delicate balance between personal and professional stuff is important but don’t shy away from personal to being so impersonal no one wants to follow you!


#2. Submit sessions to blogs

Get out there! It is so amazing how word-of-mouth and the internet work. Just look up a blog you admire, find their submissions section, follow the directions, and wait for their response.  The worst they can do is say no. But what if they said yes?!


#3. Utilize SEO keywords

Get noticed in google! The more often you use particular keywords that are relevant to you, the more search engines get “keyed in” to your site.  There’s no point in the top two bullet points if you’re not going to make it readily accessible and easy to locate on the interwebs!


#4. Give your clients tools to talk about you

Make it easy for them to pin, share, or tag themselves! Dedicate a blog post and/or gallery to them with the appropriate tools to show off! There’s a variety of plug ins and widgets out there to make things easily shareable.


#5. Be distinct

Do something different. The things that go “viral” are stuff that is not the same.  Think about how you can break outside the box, or take a mainstream idea and put YOUR spin on it. Be you.

This may all sound common sense but my challenge to you is to sit down. Write out goals on how to achieve each.  Get a blogging schedule and seek out X number of submissions a month.  You CAN do it. The only one stopping you is you.


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