How to choose your photographer or your client

Aug 25, 2011

Topic: Marketing
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
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Today's post is to shed some light on identifying the target photographer or client for you.

This is for BOTH photographers and clients to read so don't click away!



As a professional photographer you should have a marketing plan that already outlines this for you. If you don't, GET ONE.  Having your target client/niche built into your marketing plan helps to hold your feet to the fire and follow through.  It is easy to succumb to the fear of turning clients away that may not be in your target niche, however, be true to your craft and your business.

By taking on clients that may not be what you are marketing for, you are in danger of relationship issues and delivering of products.  Having the emotion and passion for a niche is what has made you a great photographer; stick to it. It makes you marketable because your niche wants you for the same reason you want them.

Just have to find them!

So in your plan you should have WHO the client is, WHAT they want, and WHAT motivates them to use your services.

Here, you can include a simple list of information about your client, some basic demographic info and some more detailed information as it relates to your services, such as:

  • Age?
  • Gender?
  • Any unique characteristics?
  • How does my client normally obtain similar services?
  • Who's the decision maker or primary client?
  • What is your target client's motivation for hiring you?
  • What kind of habits does your client have?  Specifically, where do they get their information about you?
  • Do you have a niche that you are trying to target or appeal to?
  • Are there any unifying criteria (brides, newborns)?



Hiring the target photographer for you is just as important as photographers selecting their clients! For some of the same reasons, the building of a relationship and expectations of the product will be met if mutually beneficial characteristics exist.

  • Style?
  • Creativity?
  • Target? Are you seeking newborn shots but they primarily do weddings? They may not excel at newborns and will be unable to deliver for your  expectations.
  • How do other clients normally obtain similar services?
  • What is your target photographer's motivation for selecting you?
  • What kind of customer service does your photographer have? Specifically, what do you expect from them?

Identifying these characteristics in a photographer goes beyond the pricing and the products they can offer.

Any photographer can find a lab to get you wallet sized prints for Grandma Lucy, but having a photographer that gels with YOU and captures YOU is important.

Remember, this is YOUR life. YOUR pictures.

You can never get that moment back. Photographer's can always have another family session to replace in their portfolio. But even if you go the very next day to another photographer that moment in life has passed you by.  What if Little Tommy made the cutest face? What if you don't have the next day to do it?

Choose wisely.  It's just as important that clients choose as the photographer.


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