How to Automate Social Media For Efficiency

Apr 3, 2015

Topic: Business, Get Efficient
Time Investment: 10 minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®

Social media becoming a total time-suck and not effective? Here are some quick tips on how to automate social media for efficiency and get back to being productive!

As a business owner, we don’t have time to sit and plan social media all day long. It’s important we get automated and efficient. Stay tuned for my tips on how to automate your social media marketing for your business.

As a mother of 5 and a business owner of multiple businesses, it’s super important to be automated as much as possible. I really strongly recommend that you look at putting this into your workflow. Putting all the heavy lifting and work up front and automating all your social media posts for you, but before you can do that, you got to figure out what kind of marketing plan do I want to have? Well, this video is not going to be able to encompass everything of a marketing plan, but I wanted to give you a few quick tips of how to be able to manageably come up with ideas and then get it automated.


 Write a calendar

The first one is to look at what you want to do for the year. Write out on a calendar, on a piece of paper, exactly the different events that you want to provide and promotions to your customers throughout the year, whether it’s your inquiries are going to get some new promotions, or your clients are going to have VIP programs, whatever it is, and then I work my way back.


 Give Each Month a Theme

Each month gets a theme of the content that I’m going to put out. That content also demands what I’m going to put on social media, which then trickles down into what I’m going to put into the auto schedule tools to automate the social media aspect of my business. Super easy, just like that.


Automate With Systems

One-year plan, then I break it down based on themes and the different things that I want to promote and do in order to reach my marketing goals. Some of the systems that I use for the marketing social media automation are Meet Edgar, Sendible, there’s Hootsuite, Buffer app, there’s a whole bunch of host of things that you can put out there. I recommend that you go through, figure out which platforms you want to hit up, connect them automated, and maybe commit one day a month in order to scheduling out your social media for the month.

This will keep you out of the social media sites, although you need to be in there responding one-to-one every now and again. But it will keep you out of the social media sites because how many times have you sat down for business and said, “Oh, I need to post a social media update,” you do it, and then 5 hours later you’re pinning images and videos of cats off of YouTube. That’s not productive to your business. You’re not going to be able to manage it all.


So automate your social media any way that you can to free you up for other tasks or life!


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