Help! My client wants privacy!

Topic: Privacy
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Products: Privacy of Photographs Agreement; Copyright Transfer Document

Help! My client and I have agreed to not require their signature on model release, however the client still wants reassurances for privacy.  What do I do? Great question, friend.

First, I’m proud of you for working with the client on their desires, even though this means you will no longer be able to use these photographs in marketing.  We never know their reasoning – which can range from domestic violence victim, sensitive career position, foster-care status or simply a client desiring privacy.


Second, you have two major options to really provide an added level of protection for clients.

#1 Privacy of Photographs Agreement

You can agree to keep the photographs private with a Privacy of Photographs Agreement.


#2 Sell Copyright Ownership

You can sell all copyrights to the photographs to your clients through a copyright transfer document.


Whichever option you choose, you can accomplish this privacy desire and provide customer service to your clients.