Have you protected your photography business against life?

Nov 19, 2015

Topic: Business
Time Investment: 2 Minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®


Could you be in danger of losing it all?


I worked hard to build my business—late nights, booking shoots on weekends, missing meals with my family. It would be a shame if all the sacrificing was for nothing.

Do you ever think about what would happen to your business if there was an emergency? If you or your spouse got sick? If there was an earthquake, flood or fire? If you or your husband died unexpectedly? If your family declared bankruptcy? If you needed to take a leave of absence to take care of your parents?

Just because you know all the ins and outs of running your business doesn’t mean that’s the best move for the future. You need to be set up in case anything keeps you from doing that—today, or you run the risk of it all coming to a full stop.


How do you prepare for the worst so your business can run at its best?


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