FAQ: Marketing and photography contracts

Mar 24, 2022

Marketing is not just getting clients to your door.  It is the entire experience from the sales copy output, to the communication with an inquiry, all the way through requesting clients to refer you to their friends.  Getting your arms around key aspects to marketing can help make the entire process a little less daunting and a lot more fulfilling and successful.  

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions & our articles to help you!

5 Keys to Marketing Your Photography Business (Easily and Effectively)
If you’re not sure where to start – this is the place. Marketing isn’t just about getting noticed. It encompasses the entire client experience from the sales copy they see, to how you communicate with a prospective client, to how and when to ask for referrals from current clients. These five key tips are a great starting point for drafting your marketing plan – and implementing that plan in a way that is cost effective!

Mow Your Lawn At the Right Time – A Critical Marketing Tip for Photographers
Mowing your lawn (read: marketing your business) is more than having the right equipment, it is also about timing, nurturing and engaging. Timing is everything in marketing and for the best engagement and attention, you need to be mindful of when you are posting, as well as how you are presenting yourself.

5 Free Marketing Ideas for Your Photography Business
Marketing your photography business can be difficult and overwhelming when you feel like you’re slamming money and time into actions that aren’t working. Marketing doesn't have to be expensive. Here we discuss 5 ideas for getting your name out there that won't cost you a penny!

Marketing on a Budget
Marketing is so crucial to business that you should definitely invest.  However, this doesn't mean you have to be extravagant to make it work. These 5 tips will help you work marketing into your budget, big or small! 

Photography Marketing – Steal (and share) clients from other local business owners
Getting networked with local businesses can help you gain insight into other business structures, have a companion as you navigate the ropes of business and allow for utilization of  existing marketing networks and established business relationships to your gain. Here we discuss expanding your marketing net through business partnerships. 

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