FAQ: How do I cancel a contract?

Mar 26, 2022


Canceling a contract is something you may have to do once or twice in your career.  Here we put together a list of helpful articles to get you on your way.

How to Cancel a Photography Contract
Canceling a contract is a very real process, and many small business owners are not aware of all the steps that must be taken. Whether business is slow or booming, no one likes to see business walking out of the door. But, inevitably it will happen.

Is a non-refundable deposit actually non-refundable?
You've specifically stated in your contract that the deposit is non-refundable. But is it? Here we discuss situations where a “non-refundable” fee may end up being quite “refundable.” Let's dive in!

What if your client wants to alter your contract?
We've all been there.  You've spent the time, money and energy to get a photography contract on lock...only for a client to want to alter it! Of course, you want clients to ask questions if they feel like something isn't right or are confused, but how you respond depends on a few things.  Let's use this lawyer-client example to determine what you should do if a client wants to alter your contract!

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