Dangers of Self-Drafting a Contract When You're Not a Lawyer - Business Bites Podcast® Episode

Aug 28, 2020

Topic: Contracts
Time Investment: 18 Minutes
Suggested Product: All-in-One Contract Bundles


What's in this Episode:  One of the biggest mistake new business owners make are DIY contracts instead of having an attorney do it for them.  Join Rachel as she discuses why self-drafting can be detrimental to your business and why photography contracts are the one area you want to invest in your business.

What you will learn:

  • What 3 things contracts must have to be considered valid
  • Why entering contracts as your business is important
  • Why language in your contract matters. Legal language differs from normal language.
  • How vague contract language can work against you
  • and more!

Read episode transcript here.

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