Covid-19 Photography Contract Provision Must-Haves

Mar 2, 2021

Topic: Pandemic Protection, Covid-19
Time Investment: 5 minutes
Suggested Product: Covid Resources


Contract Provision Protections

Check your current contracts to see if you have the follow provisions. If you do not, we suggest getting them integrated for the future.

-Cancellation & Rescheduling – Governs cancellations of the contract.  In this situation, the client is the party requesting to amend or cancel the contract

-Substitute photographer (for events, weddings) – The substitute photographer clause is a provision in a contract that gives a photographer the right to have another photographer work in their place without a breach of the contract

-Force Majeure  – Force Majeure clause is a provision in a contract that excuses a party from not performing its contractual obligations that becomes impossible or impracticable, due to an event or effect that the parties could not have anticipated or controlled. – although only applies for a super limited amount of time – if you have solid cancellation and rescheduling provisions then FM not necessarily needed – depends on circumstances – see video on this page)

-Hold-harmless – The hold harmless clause is a statement in a legal contract that absolves one or both parties in a contract of legal liability for any injuries or damage suffered by the party signing the contract.

COVID-19 Release of Responsibility – This Release of Photographer Responsibility provision allows for a Photographer to be relieved of fulfilling their contracted Services should they arrive at an event/wedding to find the Client, guests and/or venue failing to comply with government-mandated COVID -19 orders.



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