5 Ways to Instill Buyer Confidence In Your Photography Clients (Video)

Jan 29, 2015

Topic:  Business, Marketing
Time Investment:  8 Minutes 
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Marketing isn’t just about getting the information out there it’s also instilling buyer confidence in your potential clients. Let’s go through the 5 quick ways that are effortless and will get your clients in your door.



 You’ve drafted your website, you’ve drafted your promotional materials and you’ve put all this information out there. What are some other ways that you can instill some buyer confidence in your potential clients in order to make it even easier for them to sign on that line for writing you the check and maybe add a couple of extra zeros to it at the same time. 


Professional Appearance Online and Offline

The first thing is to think about your appearance online and offline. Online you want to be consistent across all the platforms that we provide with the branding identity that reaches the customers avatar that we’ve identified for our business in our marketing plan. Offline we also want to make sure that our physical presentations is in the exact same fashion. You don’t want them to see this nice clean polished professional look online only to show up at the session and not even look anything like the presentation of yourself of what you’ve done online. It makes it like a really disjointed inconsistent relationship with the client.

My example for this is, you could have great communications, you could have a great streamlined website, awesome branding and everything but then you show up at the session and you are dressed like a bum or you just rolled out of bed. Some people may argue that appearances aren’t that much of an impact but I will caution you guys on thinking and falling into this fallacy because it does impact the buyer confidence and psychology. Especially if they are paying a high priced dollar ticket for your products and services. It’s not enough that they are just going to receive that and that’s worth it. It’s how you provide it and present yourself. The first thing was to ensure that we have a professional appearance online and offline.


Don’t make them have to ask questions!

The next thing to increase buyer confidence is to not make them have to ask questions of what the next step is. You should always be telling them up front what is going to happen next, even if you’ve provided the game plan at the very beginning of all the steps. Take time each step in communication with the client to hold their hand. After they pay the nonrefundable retainer and sign the contract hold their hand at the end of the communication and tell them “this is what we are going to be doing next”. “Let’s go ahead and setup the consultation, and at the end of the consultation we’ll talk”. You should lead them into what’s going to happen next in the session. That way they feel a lot more comfortable and it doesn’t cost you anything to communicate this information that you already know. Remember your clients don’t engage in a photography session every single day, you do. You’re the professional and it’s important that you’re the one that guides them through and helps to build the buyer confidence.



Represent yourself like a professional business

The third tip is representing yourself like a professional business. If you are engaged in business you should be acting like it. Setup with an official business formation pay in taxes, use contracts and have insurance. Your clients may not know the half of this but having it there and by placing the contract in front of them, demonstrates your professional value. They put some more confidence into a professional business than they are going to be by a hobbyist or an individual who’s not following the laws. Consider if you say you can’t afford to form your business, well I say you can’t afford not to. There’s too much liability out there plus the lack of buyer confidence that someone will have in you by not being formed or using contracts and not having all this in place isn’t worth it.


Be responsive

The fourth tip is to be as responsive as possible. I am not saying to sit on email and social media all day, in fact quite the opposite. Make sure you have office hours that you are sticking to and that you are actually providing a responsive and complete answer to your inquiries and your clients. You don’t want to be all responsive to get them in the door and then half way through the process completely fall off. You need to create a plan so that your communication with clients is one of the main things that you work on each day.


Show your gratitude

Lastly, one of the best ways to instill buyer confidence is to show your gratitude and say thank you. But the session is already done at that point? Doesn’t matter you should say thank you at every turn and show appreciation to your clients. Plus, it’s going to further your marketing through word of mouth by simply just saying thank you. The communication of that is very professional. In fact you see it all the time whether it’s an automated email, which isn’t as personal like a personalized relationship or a hand crafted letter you send out. Could be a card, could be in the format of a gift, whatever it is you need to make sure that you say thank you to your client. It helps to instill the buyer confidence and reinforce that the investment they just made in you was well worth it.


That’s five of the tips that I really strongly recommend that you use for instilling buyer confidence. It’s going to make your marketing easier, more effective and you more successful.


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