5 Tips to organizing your business

Mar 23, 2012

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Being organized is critical to an efficient workflow, which in turn is going to help prevent burn out, maximize funds, and help you provide better customer service.  At the end of this post, I've listed related posts of how to be efficient and automating workflow, however, here are some more practical items on how to organize!


1. Plan Ahead

Plan. Plan. Plan. Planning ahead is one of the most important processes in organizing your business. Take a day to develop a planning system that will work best for you in planning ahead. I set aside time to figure out my weekly activities and created a custom planner that best fit ME.


2. Develop Repeat Processes

There are plenty of tasks that you probably find yourself doing over and over again. I find myself constantly responding to inquiry emails, completing the same editing process on every photo, and sharing session details and pricing to clients time and time again. Organize these repeating tasks by developing a repeat process. Bam! Easy as pie. Create template emails, photoshop actions, and client welcome packets with session details and pricing.

Rachel's client welcome packet.

More info on creating a client guide


3. Stay Focused

Staying focused can be difficult with fun distractions such as Facebook and Pinterest! But staying focused is a very important part of maintaining organization within your business. Set business hours and create a daily schedule for yourself. Dedicate each day to completing different tasks and schedule social media breaks to reward yourself after completing a task! (No, we are not above bribery for ourselves)!


4. Organize Your Space

Believe it or not, keeping your workspace organized will help keep your thoughts and processes organized, too! Organize your paper work and documents in a filing box, and organize your desk space with drawers and cute & colorful desk organizers from an office supply store! Gotta work in style!


5. Maintain Personal Time

Your business is important to you, as is my business to me. In fact, I LOVE my business, but it is important to keep time for your personal life, too. Stick to your business hours and complete tasks on schedule to allow for closing the computer and turning off the office lights at the end of the day.

Guest post by Megan Quigley of Megan Kathryn Photography in Florida


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