5 must-have things to include in your client guide

Mar 15, 2012

Topic:  Client Relations, Marketing
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
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What is better than condensing all of the same questions you respond to via email into one pretty little package?  I touched on this a bit in my post about efficiency and figured I could expand for you!


Why have a client guide?

Easy, professional, efficient way to streamline the booking and ordering processes.  I am a big advocate of front loading bookings with information but doing it in a stylish format.  By providing all information up front, you will cut down your time responding to emails, decrease probability of miscommunications, and provide another level of customer service.


How do you deliver it?

Mostly online through Issuu or Flipsnack, but I do print a hard copy (pictured below) through my lab for in-person ordering sessions.

Digital Example: See it here

Print Example: The above example was printed at MillersLab - 8x10 Soft Cover Book


Here are the top five things, in my opinion, that should be included in a client guide:


1.  About Me Section

Tell your client about yourself!  Approach the situation as more than a business transaction. In the art industry, emotional connections are just as important as delivering a quality product.


2. What to Expect

Lay it all out there. Let your clients know what you're going to provide and what they can expect. Examples include shooting time, proof turn around time, locations, etc.


3. Prices

No one wants a surprise when the bill is delivered. Explain this up front! By providing this to your client ahead of time you prevent potential issues that may arise. This also works to allow the "money talk" to be done via guide and not in person - for those that are awkward about talking money (me!)


4. Styling Tips

Styling a session can be very nerve wracking.  I always forget until it's time for me to do it again!  Throw in a few tips. This will help provide your client some ease in their anxiety, and also allows you to steer the artistic vision for your session.  Clients are typically not photographers and have no idea how certain types of prints photograph; educate them!


5. Discounts, Incentives and Policies.

Include any discounts or incentive programs that are available to your clients!  Not only is this a great marketing tool but works to provide complete information to your client. I'd imagine it is awkward when a client comes back inquiring as to why their friend received a discount for being X and they didn't. Don't forget any specific policies you have as well (retainer, all sales final, etc.).


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