4 tips to make albums a viable part of your business

Nov 20, 2018

Topic: Products
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: Album Design Contract

When it comes to designing an album, you need to get the basics right. Like most things, it’s all about prep. If you get the foundations right, the design process will flow.


Tip 1:  Know your album company

There are many album companies out there and each one has specific specifications and settings for each album and book. Some maybe layflat, others might be perfect bound and require a gutter so that you image isn’t swallowed into the center of the book.

If you know the album you are designing and you make sure you setup your album with correct settings at the beginning, it will save you time in the long run. You’ll be surprised how often suppliers vary the same “size” book.  


Tip 2:  Know your style

Every album has a story to tell and the style can impact how that story is read. Are you going for clean and classic, modern artistic, bold and beautiful?

4 tips to make albums a viable part of your business
Images by Joseph West
4 tips to make albums a viable part of your business
Images by Anneka Seraphina Photography

A few defining words about your style will provide a constant reference for when you’re uncertain.

Keep reminding yourself of the style you’re try to get across. You don’t want a mish mash of different styles confusing the overall story and taking away from your beautiful images. Keep this in mind when your adding those extra flourishes as well. You want your images to stand proud.

4 tips to make albums a viable part of your business
Images by Jasmine Star


Tip 3:  Know your client

Clients have feelings too! Search your memory bank for those extra special touches and choose images that reflect those details. Maybe they mentioned an insecurity so try to conceal it and only add photos that you know your clients will love. Maybe a beloved grandfather gave them something special, feature him and that moment. Or maybe they put in a heap of work into the details, show those off.

Albums are picture books that enable clients to relive those treasured moments. When they see the photos they’ll remember the day and emotions.

4 tips to make albums a viable part of your business
Images by Grace Jones Photography


Tip 4:  Have fun

Don’t get too intimidated by the process, software these days makes it easy. The hardest part will be selecting the images you want to showcase  Drag, drop and have a play. Break free from templates and create something bespoke that represents your work and your clients day.

If you’re needing a recommendation on software check out the All New AlbumStomp. You’ll be able to design an album in 20 minutes.

StompSoftware has a video introducing AlbumStomp. Watch here.

Have these basics in mind when designing your next client album and it will be a breeze. You’ll be able to get out and do more of what you love.

 Guest article was written by Grace Jones for StompSoftware.


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