5 Must Have Legal Tools for 2023

You've made it through 2022!  Pat yourself on the back... the last few years have not been easy on business owners.  We're proud of you for hanging in there during some of the most tumultuous times to be in the photography industry.  We've weathered a pandemic, fought to continue our businesses and we're coming out the other side.  

If we've learned anything in the last few years it's that we never know what is around the next corner.  Prepare for 2023 with these top legal tools that every photographers will need next year!

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5 Must Have Legal Tools for 2023

1. Essential Contract Bundles:

TheLawTog’s Essential Contract Bundles include everything you need to successfully capture your photo sessions! We know it can be overwhelming to run your own photography business. From contracts and release forms to intellectual property law, the complexities are intimidating. As a team of lawyers and photographers, we know what it’s like. And we don’t want fear of the unknown keeping you up at night. That’s why we offer affordable photography contract templates tailored to professionals just like you.  This bundle includes a service contract, model release and print released tailored to the specific type of photography you capture!

2. Model Release Form:

Understanding how to legally protect your photography business can be overwhelming. From marketing materials to portfolio usage, knowing where and how you can use your images can be intimidating. That's why we offer an affordable Model Release Form tailored to professionals just like you. Our team of lawyers and photographers at TheLawTog® develop, review, and approve every release.

If you plan to use your images for advertising or portfolio purposes, a model release form is an essential way to protect your photography business. A model release is generally signed by the subject of a photograph. It gives you permission to license or use the image. This form also releases any claims the client may have to future compensation for use of images. This protects you from legal action and eliminates the unknowns around publishing images.

These model release forms allow clients to easily and legally give permission for use of their photographic images (not audio or video). Please note – if you are looking for a document that gives the client complete confidence that you will not share the photographs, you need the Privacy of Photographs Agreement.

A model release specific to each photography type is included in all-in-one contract bundles.

3. Photography Print Release:

From printing rights to social media usage, the complexities of legally protecting your images can be intimidating. Since many clients opt for digital files to share on social media and print themselves, giving clients digital files is a great way to earn extra income. But you need to do it the right way. If you want to retain rights to all images, a  Photography Print Release provides the legal protection you need, while giving permissions to the client for digital image reproduction.

A Photography Print Release gives your client permission to print and share images for personal use.  It does not permit them to use images for commercial use or other reasons.  To help educate and protect your art, this document also reemphasizes copyright laws.

A print release is included with the all-in-one contract bundles.

4. Website Terms Bundle:

One of the most overlooked aspects in a photographer's business is their website. The Website Terms Bundle helps to ensure that anyone using a website for their potential clients and existing clients is protected. It is especially important if visitors are:

    • submitting their information through contract forms
    • signing up for your email newsletter list
    • you're using pixels/tracking such as Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics.

Some states require the use of privacy policies – even if yours doesn’t, these documents are a great way to help set expectations and protect your photography business!


5. Sales Bundle:

Many photographers believe that once the service contract is signed that they can shoot their session, move on and life is peachy.  This is not true!  Your business needs multiple layers of protection and multiple contracts!  

The Sales Bundle is specifically created for protecting your photography business and clients during sales made after your session. 

Perfect for in-person sales consultation, along with Zoom and passive sales.


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