Photography Contracts 101: Business Bites® Podcast Roundup

Sep 28, 2020

Topic: Contracts
Time Investment: 35 minutes
Suggested Product: Photography Contracts

Whether you're a new photographer or seasoned professional one of the most beneficial items you can use to protect your business is a strong, legally binding photography contract. Join Rachel in this month's photography contract Business Bites® Podcast roundup to learn the essential photography contract tips for your business.

Layers of Protection
9:55 minutes
Your photography business needs layers to protect you and your business from liability.  In this episode I'll cover the legal trifecta: photography contracts, liability insurance and business formation needed to keep your business running smoothly.


The Dangers of Self-Drafting a Contract When You're Not a Lawyer
16:14 minutes
One of the biggest mistake new business owners make is self-drafting a photography contract instead of having an attorney do it for them.  Join Rachel as she discuses why self-drafting can be detrimental to your business and why photography contracts are the one area you want to invest in your business.


3 Ways Not Having a Contract Can Cripple Your Business
20:01 minutes
Client relationships can be plagued with issues if you are not setting proper expectations.  Join Rachel as she covers why having a photography contracts helps you avoid issues, set expectations and create loyal clients.


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