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TheLawTog® is the legal resource for photographers – all information is to help photographers succeed in their businesses.

Here is a list of recommended products!  Some links go to support the site (affiliate links), others are just recommended products/services to help you.   All items listed here have been reviewed and are recommended for use by TheLawTog®.

Legal & Business

TheLawTog® highly recommends the intellectual property and business firm of Connors & Brenke PLLC.  For more recommendations please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Get 1:1 help in BizRevamp® with Rachel Brenke, Lawyer and MBA, to help walk you through the benefits of each business formation type, steps on how to do it YOURSELF, and learn other important information to strategically manage your photography business.

Equipment Insurance


Liability Insurance

Client Management Tools

To Send and Receive Money

To Pay Independent Contractors & Employees


  • Shootproof – Online gallery with print fulfillment, mobile apps, “passing” of photos, etc.
  • Sticky Albums – mobile apps

Social Media Automation

AdEspresso – Put your Facebook Ads on autopilot!


BizRevamp® – an online workshop for photographers 

  • Business formation
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Retirement/Savings
  • Pricing
  • Sales & Budget
  • Contracts
  • Client Management

Marketing Madness – online marketing course for photographers

  • Identifying your client avatar
  • Developing a business identity
  • Cultivating your brand
  • Competition analysis
  • Engaging in an internal strength/weakness analysis
  • Developing an online marketing strategy
  • Developing an offline marketing strategy
  • Enhancement of copywriting skills
  • Learning the legalities of marketing

Equipment & Processing

  • Expodisc – Great for setting exposure and white balance!
  • Fotostrap – Leather strap – can be custom made
  • Rapid Strap – Across the body strap – great for weddings!

Website Tools

Website Templates:


Landing Pages:

Products & Branding

Professional Services

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  • Los Angeles – McCarthy, Michael Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation




Georgia – Sexton Law Firm – 770-474-9335 – Ask for John




Montana – Russ Hart Esq. –


New York 



North Carolina

  • Scofield Law PLLC | 704-408-4011


Tennessee –  


Texas – Rachel Brenke (virtual)




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