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Meet TheLawTog

Hi. I’m Rachel Brenke -TheLawTog.  I am an active practicing lawyer for photographers, a multi-industry business owner and photographer (when time allows!).  I immensely desire for the all photographers who desire photography to not only be their passion, but their profession, to be legally protected.  I believe that legal protection helps each individual photography business AND the industry as a whole.

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But why?

TheLawTog is the only dedicated legal + business resource for photographers. With practicing lawyers, business consultants, CPAs, financial planners (and more!) you’ll get information with first-hand experience to help your photography business. Working with TheLawTog you'll provide your customers with the best legal knowledge + templates on the market.

Top Products include: Pro Photographer's Ultimate Checklist | Wedding Photography Contract Bundle | General Portrait Photography Bundle | Commercial Contract Bundle | Boudoir Photography Contract Bundle | Get Legit Education

How Rachel Can Help

Contracts + Templates

Lawyer-drafted, photographer-approved contracts + templates available for your audience. 
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How Rachel Can Help


Rachel is available for virtual and in-person legal and business education to help elevate your audience's skills.
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How Rachel Can Help


The main goal at TheLawTog is to help protect photographers. Rachel is available for virtual and in-person appearances including podcasts, conferences and more!
How Rachel Can Help


Create a lifelong partnership between your company and the industry's only dedicated legal business resource for photographers.