Your one-stop legal workshop

Legal guidance without the price-tag of a lawyer.

You don't know what you don't know.

You need help if...

You are a brand new photographer that has no idea where to start.

You are a seasoned photographer but aren't willing to risk your business on simple legal things you need to do.

You want to feel more confident your business is legally protected.

You see the value in having "all the legal things" given to you in one place, with plain language, without the hefty lawyer price tag.

Who is this for?

All portrait and commercial photographers!

The legal principles taught combine my years of experience in the industry for all portrait and commerical types.

Is it hard?

No way! I give you the tasks to do, in the order you need to do it and HOW to do them!

Plus, you get access to TheLawTog team in the VIP community.

Why this course?

As the go-to lawyer for photographers- for the price of what you'd spend 2 hours with me individually you get over 30+ hours of education on demand, on your schedule.


Rachel will teach you:

  • How to set up a legal business
  • Taxes (organizing, deductions, planning)
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance needs
  • Marketing legalities (website, social media, referrals, etc.)
  • Contracts (what, where, why and how)
  • Trademark and copyright
  • and more!

How does this work?

Why learn with TheLawTog?

You've probably seen my expertise on stages such as WPPI, CreativeLIVE, PPA and more.

That's because TheLawTog is THE go-to legal resource for photographers.

I, Rachel Brenke, combine my expertise as a lawyer for photographers with real world practical business advice.

In fact, if we sat face-to-face in my office the amount of information in Legally Legit would run you upwards of $10,000.

No, that's not a typo.

That is how much good-stuff is in this workshop.

Join the thousands of photographers who have protected their biz with us!

Legally Legit

Legally Legit

Legally Legit

 Join us for the most comprehensive legal biz program in the photography world - Legally Legit.  In this one-stop exclusive education platform, we have compiled all the core things you need to know into one place for being legally legit.

Legal. Business. Marketing. Balancing it all.

Includes TheLawTog® educational topics:

  • Business Planning 101: A solid business plan is essential for running a successful business.  Together we'll find your niche, create a business plan & plan for the future (including insurance & taxes!)

  • Commercial Licensing Course:  In this multi-video course from TheLawTog, you’ll be walked through the steps to effectively implement commercial photography services and understand the legalities needed to be successful.

  • Contracts 101: Contracts are overwhelming!  We'll walk through what contracts you need, the types of contracts, how to create a legal contract & more!

  • DIY Copyright & Trademark:  Learn to protect your intellectual property through proper copyright & trademark registration.

  • DIY LLC: DIY steps to creating and maintaining your own Limited Liability Company. 

  • Legally Cover Your (SM) Assets:  Join TheLawTog® in learning how you can keep your social media legal and protect your business.

  • Marketing Legalities: Marketing can be risky. Learn the legalities behind sending client emails, setting up a website, using client testimonials & more!

  • PriceIt to Sell: Ensure you're making the minimum amount needed to run a successful business, find your CODB & understand the psychology behind pricing.


  • Instant, 24/7 access
  • On-demand videos 
  • Downloadable checklists, templates and guides to pair with the educational videos
  • One year course access  (Unlock unlimited access to course when you earn your Legally Legit certification.)
  • Intimate support from TheLawTog® team
  • Exclusive discounts to TheLawTog shop and recommended partners
  • BONUS: Legally Legit Certification + Website Badge 
  • BONUS: Access to the exclusive TheLawTog® VIP community for one year
  • BONUS: General Portrait Contract (a $499 value)
Regular price $999.00

Courses/Education are hosted for 24/7 access in the portal.

Downloadable accompanying files include .pdf and .doc

TheLawTog® is owned and run by a lawyer but is not a law firm. All purchases are for general education. It is recommended to have a local lawyer review all products for your use. Enrollment in this course does NOT create a lawyer-client relationship.

Due to the nature of digital products, ALL sales are final. Please reach out to our team with question before purchase. 

We do have state specific resources in the course - our VIP community can also help you find additional info if needed by state.

Over 60 videos, accompanying handouts for download, VIP community.

This course does NOT include contracts, unless otherwise noted as a bonus.

Enrollment in Legally Legit includes our General Portrait contract. This contract is perfect for portraits including families, children, maternity, and other general use.

Contract will be delivered immediately upon checkout.

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Based on 106 reviews
Everything I Needed!

This bundle had everything I needed and more! I’m so glad to have a legal website with the terms and privacy policy that I know are legal for all areas. This was just what I was looking for and it was so helpful to have the parts I needed to change be highlighted so I didn’t get lost in all the words but could make changes easily to fit my business.

Not going to lie, I was stunned at myself for buying over $600 in items from you. BUT after reviewing the wedding contract I purchased, right away I knew this was the best investment I could make! Thank you so much!

A contract that covers all bases makes me feel free/liberated to go and produce the art I love vs fearing the potential negative intent of some.

Very Detailed. Excellent! Thank you. :)

This portrait contract bundle is my most-used contract. I've been usingTheLawTog contracts since I first found Rachel way back in 2011/2012 when I first started out. I had no idea what all needed to be covered in a photography contract, much less how to word it right. Since Rachel is not only a practicing IP lawyer, but also a photographer & business consultant, I am the confidence & peace of mind that the contract templates cover everything photographers need in a contract in order to protect our livelihoods. Before I found TheLawTog I got one of those super-cheap contracts floating around the internet, but I've never used it because I didn't feel like those 4 or 5 paragraphs would actually protect my business. TheLawTog contracts are super easy to edit & customize to best suit my specific needs, then I have my local lawyer review it to be sure it's valid for my state/local laws and no changes need to be made.

The contract and release were exactly what i needed and will use moving forward. However, because this first event was more of a barter for services, i still have to write an addendum, or attached note with details. I don’t know exactly how to vet that part once i wrote it.

Good contracts at a good price!

Purchased these last week & modified them slightly to fit my needs. I asked my local attorney to review them, making sure that the contracts& my modifications are legal in my state. My attorney informed me it would have cost me a lot more had I hired him to write similar contracts from scratch.

Excellent resource

Love this and other templates from TLT. So simple yet precise and customizable. Makes it seem simple but helps me feel protected in my business.

Exactly what I needed!

After coming across this deal, I realized I didn't have this tool for my own reference! Immediate purchase and will be a forever used document in my client work. Thank you again Rachel!

This is well worth the cost for your business!

Everything in this bundle is exactly what I needed. I have a company operating out of Canada which made me hesitant to purchase, however I found the FAQ’s were very helpful in determining if these would work for me. They are very easy to modify and there was not much that needed to be changed. My lawyer would have charged me at least $1500-$2500 for these, so it also saved my company cost. Thank you very much Rachel for creating these for us

This is exactly what I needed to get my business started!!

So much value!

When we chose to include pet photography as one of our specialties I expected finding proper legal document coverage to be ....well, trickier! Here it all is plus extras I wouldn't have thought of. Totally a life saver!

I love how short and easy to understand it was.

Super easy and simple!

A couple reached out wanting to book a destination wedding so I searched thelawtog's website and sure enough, I found the perfect contract! I'm so grateful I was able to purchase, download, and easily fill out my contract! Thanks for everything!

As a photographer who has recently included licensing of my extensive still and video library, Rachel‘s commercial license contract was invaluable in helping me protect my assets and limit liability as well as carry-on in a professional manner with a new product line.

I don't know what I would do without this contract! It gives me a peace of mind knowing that the clients were satisfied and signed on the dotted line that they were!

The Pro Photographer's Ultimate Checklist Bundle

A major hurdle in getting a legal photography business set up is just understanding what's needed to be done. This straight-forward checklist bridges the knowledge gap for those of use that would rather be out photographing.

Super easy to use

I'm so happy that I invested in these contracts and online terms of service and privacy policy. I didn't realize how reassuring it was to finally have legal documents to help keep me and my business safe. I'd recommend these contracts to ANYONE! As an added bonus, their customer service is amazing and so very helpful!

While this is not comprehensive, it provides very good direction on how to handle clients who question the value of services given or the use of the service.

I am so happy I was finally able to purchase the General Portrait Bundle! I have been wanting to for so long, and I am loving it. This took my business to the next level with more professional contracts not only does it show that I put effort into my business and spells things out for clients but it gives me a sense of security knowing that there’s work that gets put into these to make them legal and true. This bundle has everything you really need except the covid stuff but those are must haves that I don’t mind buying separately.

the commercial contract has been awesome to use with my corporate clients. I feel confident that the terms are explained professionally and accurately. I feel more protected knowing that I am using a Rachel Brenke contract.

I needed a wedding contract

This contract is everything and more. So worth the money and covers everything to need to protect you and your client. You'll walk into a wedding day knowing you're set! I appreciate the customer service. I made an error in my purchase and thought I was going to be lost for the cash I spent. But thankfully they were able to help me rectify the situation and I was so thankful!

Adding an official Print release form to my business documents

The LawTog forms, releases, and documents are a must-have for peace of mind and safeguard.

The contract is great, I just needed a little more guidance with putting my own info in.

Stepping into commercial photography after 40 years of weddings and this is perfect! Thank you!