Commercial Photography Model Releases

Commercial Photography Model Releases

Commercial Photography Model Releases

Ensure your commercial photography business is fully protected with our comprehensive model release form, designed to cover both adult and minor subjects. Whether you're capturing stunning images for advertising campaigns, portfolios, or promotional materials, this model release form is a crucial safeguard.

TheLawTog's commercial model release form grants explicit permission from adult models and the legal guardians of minor models to use and publish their images, ensuring you have the legal right to use the photographs in various commercial contexts without facing legal or ethical issues. It outlines the intended use of the photographs, detailing how and where the images will be used, whether for your portfolio, marketing materials, or other promotional purposes.

Transparency with your clients/models fosters trust and aligns all parties on the future use of the images. The form also waives any potential claims for compensation related to the usage of the images, protecting you from future legal disputes and providing peace of mind. Additionally, it includes specific language to address both adult models and minor models, requiring the signature of a parent or legal guardian for minors, ensuring legal compliance and comprehensive coverage.

Bundle includes:

  • Commercial Model Release for Adults
  • Commercial Model Release for Minors

The drafting of these documents by legal professionals would typically cost an average of $900. However, by purchasing this bundle, photographers can save hundreds while ensuring comprehensive legal coverage and peace of mind.

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Template in .doc for easy copy-paste 

Highlighted guides and notes for easy fill-in-the-blank customization 

Access to TLT KNOWLEDGE BASE - explanations of key contractual provisions so you understand and can explain to your clients 

#1 Download instantly via email

#2 Back-up to your digital file system for use in future

#3 Fill-in-the-blank and edit based on guides in the contract

#4 Copy/paste into any online contract signing system or CRM for use!

  • Why choose TheLawTog?

Headed by Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog is the only dedicated resource for photographers.  With practicing lawyers, business consultants, CPA, financial planners (and more!) you’ll get information with first-hand experience to help your photography business. 

  • Can I edit the contracts?

Yes! They come as .doc files so you can fill-in-the-blank, remove or add what you need. We provide options and headings to easily allow for editing.

  • Can I use these contracts if not in the US?

TheLawTog®’s contract forms are drafted on general American law-based contract principles and are applicable to many states.  Due to variations in law based on location and business policies, the contracts are editable and easily adaptable. If you are a photographer outside the US, the policies may be implemented for your business, but U.S. Federal Copyright laws and other legal theories may not apply.  For example, in the United States, unless otherwise contracted, the photographer retains copyright ownership of images. However, in other countries, the law may give the copyright ownership to the client and necessitate a provision for transfer. 

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