FAQ: Sales

Mar 29, 2022

We have compiled a list of the most common pricing questions and articles to help you.

How to Start a Photography Business (the right way!)
Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!  There are steps you need to make sure you have on lock-down to have a professional and protected photography business. Let’s get started. 


How To Price For Commercial Photography
Unlike personal portrait or retail photography, commercial photography should be approached differently.  Figuring up what to charge and quote for a commercial job can be stressful and overwhelming.  This article is to guide the process for the best quote possible. Keep in mind while going through the steps that each job, market, and factors will be different.

Preventing & Fixing Chargebacks In Your Photography Business
Sure they offer a whole bunch of convenient perks, but they also come with a whole bunch of new things you have to consider not only as a business owner, but also as a consumer. For example, have you heard of a ‘chargeback’? Let's discuss what a chargeback is for those of you lucky enough to not have come face-to-face with one?

Should I charge my photography clients credit card fees?
Credit cards have dominated the marketplace for their convenience for consumer and merchant. For example, you may have a website that allows your clients to purchase photographs online or an app that allows you to use a smart device as a credit card machine instead of requiring clients to go get cash or requiring you to make a trip to the bank to deposit checks. Although the use of credit cards can be quite convenient, what are the costs to the merchant of using credit cards over other means of payment?

Setting Client Expectations & Making Photography Sales (without selling)
In order to accurately set client expectations that result in sales, we need to set THE BIG PICTURE. If you want to sell any significant amount of wall art, you’ll need to start planting the seed for that sale before they ever step foot in front of a camera and, in fact, before they ever even contact you. Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think.

Make Sales Without Being Salesy
Getting clients in the door is only half the battle (although that one seems hard enough right?).   Once you have them liking you, your work, and you have delivered – it is time to sell, even if you’re not a salesy type person. Quite honestly, I hate sales. I’d rather help people, but I know I have to make sales (especially upsells) to keep growing in my business.  So how do I do this?  How do I get uncomfortable and sell without making people feel like they are being sold to?

Does Pricing Make You Cry?
Once you’re in the middle of a transaction IT IS TOO LATE.  You have to suffer dealing with incorrect pricing and the headaches that come along with it.  Sure you can change for future, but that doesn’t help then.  This loss means potential loss of profits, word of mouth, and other customer service opportunities out of that client(s). In this article we discuss 4 quick steps to pricing photography for profit. 


Tips to Controlling Your Business Costs 
The pricing game is becoming increasingly harder to fight as barriers to entry in the photography industry decrease. We’ve talked before about things you can offer to client to avoid this pricing game, but what about what you can do internally?   There are a variety of ways to avoid the price game but they all boil down to a budget. So how do I even start controlling my costs and set a budget?

After The Sale: Developing an accounting workflow for your photography business
Keeping accurate records allows you to see your business results clearly. You will be able to analyze profitable and maybe not-so-profitable products and categories, return on advertising dollars spent, and identify expenses that may need to be reduced.  Let's discuss are a few tips on how to handle those invoices and receipts after you make the sale.

Sales Strategy: Using Online Galleries For Efficiency & Success
There are so many different sales, pricing, and marketing strategies on the market.  But which is the best for you?  It is good to start the discussion of these with examining the benefits an online gallery can provide to your business.  No matter if you do in-person ordering (which we will be talking about in coming weeks) or solely online, having the online gallery tool tucked away will help provide efficiency, organization, and balance to this circus act of business.

How not to be the Walmart of photographers
We, as photographers, are to educate our clients.  There’s so much more to it than the “Why is custom photography so expensive?” section on your website. So much more than displaying to them the difference of print lab vs. consumer lab.  So much more than spending hours editing or posting status updates about ourselves. The economy can be rough. It’s hard being a small business owner, but we can’t sit here and blame each other (example: It’s too saturated) or the inquiries for not recognizing our value and savings. What good does that do you? 

Should I sell Digital Files? – Embracing the Digital Age or Not?
As a photographer and business owner it is imperative that we are in tune with what our market wants.  Notice I didn’t say ‘what our market demands’.  The client’s desires shouldn’t demand your business.  You, as the business owner, should evaluate the market wants balanced with your business model. So what do you do?

When should I start charging? Pricing Photography
This is a question I receive in my inbox on a regular basis.  My typical response is "it depends" and I know that doesn't satisfy the reader who is awaiting a response.  Here are a few things that I personally believe should be evaluated and achieved prior to entering on the scene as a "professional."

What should I charge for photo prints? | Pricing Photography
Determining your pricing is MUCH MORE than looking at the lab cost + whatever you feel you deserve on top. In fact, I am very saddened and scared for the industry when the photographer asking doesn't even have a marketing or business analysis.  How are you to set yourself up for success without a plan?

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