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Let's Put An End to the Overwhelm

Legally Legit

Your one-stop legal workshop.
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24/7 Access

Access all courses through the website portal from any device, any time!

Easy to Use

Each course is laid out to walk you in order of all information!

Expert created

Taught by TheLawTog® + other industry experts

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Is it for you?

All portrait and commercial photographers! Whether you're new or an expert photographer Legally Legit will help you grow.

The legal principles taught combine my years of experience in the industry for all portrait and commerical types.

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Is it hard?

No way! I give you the tasks to do, in the order you need to do it and HOW to do them!

Plus, you get access to TheLawTog team in the VIP community.

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Why this course?

As the go-to lawyer for photographers- for the price of what you'd spend 2 hours with me individually you get over 30+ hours of education on demand, on your schedule.

You need help if...

You are a brand new photographer that has no idea where to start.

You are a seasoned photographer but aren't willing to risk your business on simple legal things you need to do.

You want to feel more confident your business is legally protected.

You see the value in having "all the legal things" given to you in one place, with plain language, without the hefty lawyer price tag.

Legally Legit - TheLawTog®

Legally Legit

Legally Legit

Join us for the most comprehensive legal biz program in the photography world - Legally Legit.  In this one-stop exclusive education platform, we have compiled all the core things you need to know into one place for being legally legit.

Legal. Business. Marketing. Balancing it all.

Includes TheLawTog® educational topics:

  • Business Planning 101: A solid business plan is essential for running a successful business.  Together we'll find your niche, create a business plan & plan for the future (including insurance & taxes!)

  • Commercial Licensing Course:  In this multi-video course from TheLawTog, you’ll be walked through the steps to effectively implement commercial photography services and understand the legalities needed to be successful.

  • Contracts 101: Contracts are overwhelming!  We'll walk through what contracts you need, the types of contracts, how to create a legal contract & more!

  • DIY Copyright & Trademark:  Learn to protect your intellectual property through proper copyright & trademark registration.

  • DIY LLC: DIY steps to creating and maintaining your own Limited Liability Company. 

  • Legally Cover Your (SM) Assets:  Join TheLawTog® in learning how you can keep your social media legal and protect your business.

  • Marketing Legalities: Marketing can be risky. Learn the legalities behind sending client emails, setting up a website, using client testimonials & more!

  • PriceIt to Sell: Ensure you're making the minimum amount needed to run a successful business, find your CODB & understand the psychology behind pricing.

  • Goal Planning: Join Rachel to learn how to set up your goal planning for the year - includes pre-recorded calls plus worksheets

  • Marketing the Holidays: Join Rachel aka TheLawTog for this mini workshop filled with crucial tips on legal & profitable holiday marketing!  ✨  Discover marketing psychology that we use during the holidays that is guaranteed to work. Find out the legal mistakes you’re making that could kill your biz this holiday season ...And more!


  • Instant, 24/7 access
  • On-demand videos 
  • Downloadable checklists, templates, and guides 
  • Unlimited course access - never expires as long as the course exists!
  • Intimate support from TheLawTog® team
  • Exclusive online community with other TheLawTog education students
  • Discounts to TheLawTog shop and recommended partners
  • Legally Legit website badge

How Does It Work:

  1. Enroll in Legally Legit
  2. Log into your educational portal, watch videos, and do tasks outlined.
  3. Join our Education community for any questions you have!
  4. Be Legally Legit!

Peek inside Legally Legit here

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Join the thousands of photographers who have protected their biz with us!

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Courses/Education are hosted for 24/7 access in the portal.

Downloadable accompanying files include .pdf and .doc

TheLawTog® is owned and run by a lawyer but is not a law firm. All purchases are for general education. It is recommended to have a local lawyer review all products for your use. Enrollment in this course does NOT create a lawyer-client relationship.

Due to the nature of digital products, ALL sales are final. Please reach out to our team with question before purchase. 

We do have state specific resources in the course - our VIP community can also help you find additional info if needed by state.

Over 60 videos, accompanying handouts for download, VIP community.

This course does NOT include contracts, unless otherwise noted as a bonus.

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