What if my client keeps asking questions about my photography contract?

Mar 31, 2022

You’ve taken the time to learn what it takes to start and run a legal photography business. You’ve even invested in getting a photography contract. But your client keeps asking questions about it.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing for clients to have questions so don’t assume the worst. Maybe they just don’t feel comfortable about something in the contract or understand what it means. Be sure to keep a list of the questions you’re getting as those will actually help you identify problems and improve not only your contracts but also your client process.   

Remember, photography contracts are much more than just service contracts. There are actually 4 different levels - essentials, sales, marketing, and outsourcing. It can be daunting figuring out where start with photography contracts so TheLawTog team has created a simple 4-step plan to help.  Get started with our free Photographer’s Legal Roadmap here.  

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